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Here are some wavs and MIDI's you can download!


1.The Sailor Moon Theme Song (N/A version)

2.The Sailor Moon Theme Song (N/A version)#2

3.A Sad Version of The Sailor Moon Theme Song

4.The Sailor Moon Theme Song in a pretty music box format

5.The music from the locket Tuxedo Mask gave Sailor Moon

6."My Only Love" The music from when the true identity of the Moon Princess is reveled

7."My Only Love" #2

8.Alan's Flute

9."Rainy Day Man" The music from when Lita is remembering her ex-boyfriend

10."Will You Miss Me?" The music from when Amy is fixing to go to Germany.

11.The Sailor Stars Opening Theme

12.The Sailor Stars Ending Theme

13.Neo-Sephiroth's Theme

14.The Outer Senshi's Theme

15."Carry On" the music from the final battle against Queen Baryl

16."Oh Starry Night" The song Raye sings at her concert

17.The music from Sailor Moon's Moon Healing Activation

18."Moon Eternal Crisis, MAKE UP!" The music from Sailor Enternal Moon transfroming in Sailor Stars

19."She's Got The Power" The music from when the Sailor Scouts are fighting The Four Sisters and Rubieus

20.Tuxedo Mask's Theme

21.Fate Is So Beautiful~the Song Michiru (Sailor Neptune) plays! THIS IS A MUST DOWNLOAD!!!

22.The Senshi's Theme Song

23.A mixture of all the Sailor Moon songs!! including songs from Sailor Stars etc.!

24.A song for Haruka and Michiru



1.Sailor Moon saying "Moon Prism Power!"

2.Sailor Moon saying "Sailor Moon Says...See Ya! (laughs)"

3.Sailor Moon saying "Is it the world that's going bonkers or is it just me???"


1.Sailor Mercury saying "Mercury Ice Bubbles FREEZE!"


1.Sailor Mars saying "Mars Fire IGNITE!"

2.Sailor Mars saying "I call upon the power of mars....fireball CHARGE....Mars firebird, STRIKE!!"


1.Sailor Jupiter saying "Jupiter POWER!"

2.Sailor Jupiter saying "Jupiter Thunder Crash ZAP!"

3.Sailor Jupiter saying "In the name of Jupiter, I call upon the forces of love and nature to banish this mophead! Jupiter Thunder DRAGON!"


1.Sailor Venus saying "Venus Crecent V SMASH!"

2.Sailor Venus saying "Venus SHOWER!!"

3.Sailor Venus saying "Hasta La Viesta, Pretty Boy!"


1.Sailor Uranus introducing herself (IN JAPANESE)


1.Sailor Neptune introducing herself (IN JAPANESE)


1.Sailor Pluto introducing herself in english from the lost episodes on Cartoon Network


1.Reeny and Sailor Pluto talking about Reeny going back to the future.


1.Sailor Healer saying "Healer Star Power, MAKE UP!"


1.Alan's Flute

2.Malechite and Evil Darien Fighting

1.A Nega Monster saying "Sailor Moon, Your lunch meat!"


1.The Sailor Scouts and the Moonlight Knight introducing themselves before they blast a Nega Monster

2.Serena and Darien babysitting when the baby says its first words

3.Darien calling Serenaa dounuthead

4.Sailor Moon and The Moonlight Knight dicussing who he is and where he comes from

5.Andrew saying "Im going to take you out for a big lunch!" ands Serena yelling and screaming because she's so happy!

6.Serena introducing Darien to her family

7.Sailor Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto introducing themselves (IN JAPANESE)

8.Sailor Uranus and Neptune are in a helicopter just before it explodes, and Pluto stops time, and sounds like she gets in the helicopter, and saves Uranus and Neptune and it explodes.(IN JAPANESE)

9.The Moonlight Knight talking to Alan, while Sailor Moon gushes over him

10.Serena and Melvin talking about ice cream and melvin wants to get pruned flavored! eeeww!

11.Serena, Molly, and Melvin late for school and telling what they will miss!

12."My Only Love" w/ Lyrics


1.The opening theme song to Ririka (another Anime! This is awesome! a MUST download!)(IN JAPANESE)

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