Okay, here are some pictures of Gosunkugi. I've finally found some commercial pictures of him, and have added them to my small gallery.

Various poses of Gosunkugi
from the Ranma 1/2 "Hard Battle" game for Super Famicon

of the above

when he was little

A picture
of Gosunkugi as the Angel of Death

picture in that theme

after he hanged himself

Gosunkugi as an adult.

A promo picture for ep. 151, the first anime episode that Gosunkugi appeared in.

Another promo for ep. #?.

face (also from the video game)

Fanfics about Gosunkugi

Of anything you can find about Gosunkugi-kun on the internet, the most seems to be fanfics. In wake of this, I decided to post my own story about him here. It's a little grim, and may not be considered appropriate for little kids, as it deals with suicide and is a bit graphic at parts.
Death's Soft Embrace
Death's Soft Embrace (2nd installment) Note: I had to do it in 2 parts because the damn 'notepad' wouldn't process it after it got too big

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