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Welcome to Indo's Web Page

I have several different themes on my web page, I have a page on Pokémon, a page on the Simpsons and others (my page is still under construction if you have any suggestions e-mail me them)

Here are some cool sites and sites which my friends told me to post (lots of South Park stuff, he also put some David Letterman stuff and Win Amp stuff)

E-mail me with web pages and I will check them out and mabey put them on my web page's cool sites listings. No warez, no pornography or adult material please.

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Now we get to the content portion of my page!

External Links
- Comedy Central - if you need a good laugh check this site out it is awesome
- Much Music - into music then you have to check out this site it is cool
- Poké - my brother loves this game and I think it is pretty cool
- Nintendo - I think that this site kicks, it has codes, info and cool pictures
- Pokémon Pet Shop - This site is cool and you can also adopt Pokémon if       you have a web page
- Starwars - I love Starwars is it my favourite movie (the trillogy)
- Amazon - a great place to buy books and they have now expanded into CD's and Movies

Here we have the things that I have made

Pokémon - I made this site myself. It has sound waves, pictures, links, animated GIFs and a Pokédex.
Simpsons - This is my Simpsons page it is not up yet but it will be soon
South Park -  This page is almost completeted. It should be done soon.

Wanna get in touch with with me ...
my e-mail address is
my ICQ# is 22322565

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