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y name is Clay Brasher. I am the creator of this page. Feel free to browse my page and go to some of the other sites that I have links to here. If I have a link here, that means that it's a good site to go to. Thank you for visiting my page. Please remember that I do this for fun. It's not my job so don't expect to be really great or anything.

Led Zeppelin Abyss - Pics, History, Biographies, and other stuff.

My Brand New Huge Mark McGwire Page - Full of stats, records, profiles, etc.

Quake Abyss - Some links and stuff about Quake.

The Simpsons - Some pictures, profiles, etc.

Midi Files - Computer generated versions of the original songs. Download them here.

Wrestling - Here are results from Nitro, Raw, Pay-per-view, etc. and pictures and more.

Charlie Daniels Band - Has list of records and all the songs recorded and published by "CDB".

Seinfeld - A lot of information for the "Show About Nothing".

South Park - Some cool pictures and sounds from the Comedy Central cartoon.

Cool Links - Links to all of my favorite sites including my new "Top Ten Links".

My New Chatroom Message Board


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