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A Literary Journey through the Xenaverse and all its subtextual themes

After months of planning and waiting for these wonderful graphics, we're up and running! There may be a couple bugs here and there and if you find any, please let me know! -- Megalion, Oct 30th

Fan Fiction from and for the
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The purpose of this ring is to link together websites and/or pages that contain Fan Fiction involving characters from the TV show "Xena: Warrior Princess". Anyone is welcome to submit their site for adding to the ring. If your site and/or page meets the guidelines below just simple fill out the form below and send it. Or send the required information to:

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The Alternative Scrolls of the Bard Web Ring has been created for fans of the TV show "Xena: Warrior Princess" who enjoy reading fan fiction based on the show.

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The above guidelines have been established and are necessary in order to provide the best browsing and exposure for everyone, Webmasters and Fan Fiction Readers alike!

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The HTML block code needed to establish the Ring on your page will be sent to you when you add your site to the Queue. Also it is not necessary to download the graphics, you may link to the graphics here as has been done in the HTML code you will receive. I have no problem with people linking directly to the images here. Otherwise, it is up to you to change the URLs for the images and put the images on your site.

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All images on this page have been created by Megalion, images of Xena that are present in the pictures come from screenshots on Tom's Xena Page.

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