This page was inspired by a night of loneliness, a tear of remembrance, and a desire to do make something of it.

If you don't know what si is, go to Deb's page.  I accidently found Deb's page less than a year ago, and all I can say is that it helped me a lot.  I subscribe to the email group (entitled Bodies Under Seige or BUS) and find it a great comfort to be able to talk to people who've had similar experiences as me about things that aren't normally taked about over coffee.  There is also an mIRC channel that you can get to from Deb's page if you're interested.  Chances are if you're here, you know what si is, though, and you're probably looking for someone to chat with one-on-one.  I like chatting on the mIRC whenever I need some support, but sometimes (like tonight) I feel like talking to just one or two people.  That's where the ICQ comes in...  I find that the ICQ search engines aren't very good at finding people... :)  So when you want to chat, come here!

If you'd like to add your name to the list, please email me with your nickname, your number, the state or province where you live, your likes or hobbies, and the movie you believe to be the greatest of all time at  Everything except your nickname and ICQ number is optional.  When I'm available, feel free to ICQ Message me...  my number is 13133760.

If you don't have ICQ but would like to, please go to here to download the free software.

I hope this goes well!  :)  ~Licia.
And now, on with the show... Please click on Tink to find the SI ICQ PAGE.


tHe QuOtE bOoK.  submissions encouraged!

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