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I was a Boy Scout Troop Advancement Chairman for 2 troops for many years. I was very fortunate to have excellent training for this position, and found that part of this job was to train other Committee Members how to go about holding Board of Reviews for the various ranks of Boy Scouts. I have found that having sample Board of Review Questions handy was the best tool I could have had.

Every Board of Review would start off with the Senior Patrol Leader present to the Advancement Chairman the scout needing the board. Then the Advancement would excuse the Senior Patrol Leader, and proceed to introduce the rest of the Board members to the Scout.

After the introductions, the Advancement Chairman would then ask the Scout to recite the Boy Scout Oath and Law. In my experience, this is the hardest part of the board, because the Scout is nervious (hands in the pockets, Scout sign at half mast, words missing, etc....). This is a wonderful ice-breaker for the Scout, as the board allows the Scout a few times to get it right. Once he has it right, the Advancement Chairman invites the Scout to sit down, relax, and then proceed to ask a few of the following sample questions.

I have found that being a Boy Scout Troop Advancement Chairman has it's rewards. You are a key to the troop committee and the Scoutmaster on how the troop is going thru the eyes of the scouts. And of course, there is no greater reward than to see the scouts prepare for their Eagle rank. Without really realizing it, you are preparing the scouts for their Eagle Board of Review. You only have 5 visits with each scout prior to their Eagle Board of Review. Each review is as important as an Eagle Review.

These are only a few questions that I have collected and used. If you have any really great questions that I can add to this list, please email me with them so I can add them.

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