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This is a collage my sister made of me a while ago. She's so nice! She also made the thing with the moving eyes too. Actually she's helped me with this whole page. So I guess she ain't a meanie all the time!

Lots of LaLa's

This is one of my senior pictures!

Senior Pic
    Stay tuned for LaLa's insights.
  1. If the grass was blue and the sky was green, would we walk on our hands and would our toes have eyes?
  2. Wouldn't you be traumatized if you got a Mr. Potato Head when you were little and it was all messed up (its eyes were where its nose should be, etc.) and you thought that you were the one that was messed up?
  3. Why do we park on driveways and drive on parkways?
  4. Why do they have locks on the doors of stores that are open 24 hours?
  5. Why do people always crowd around to look at accidents? Are they sick and demented and like to see other people suffer or what?
  6. Why is there braille on ATM machines? Do blind people really drive?
  7. Wouldn't you be traumatized if you went shopping with your grandmother and she pointed out a certain red dress that you didn't like and your particular aunt and her accomplice never let you forget the day?

(The Awesomest dude in the world)

I LOVE TURTLES (especially Fred)!!!

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