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Welcome to Twilight's C5 Photo Gallery!
I mistakenly took too many pictures, so I decided to share them with all of ya'll. "?" means I don't know who that person is, or am not sure if that's their right name. If you know the person, are the person, or are one of the random goths, let me know and I'll attribute you!
Coming soon! Twi's C5 journal!
Hope you enjoy the pictures!



Wednesday, March 31, 1999

1) Eileen eating french fries looking mean
2) Frank and Orion on Bourbon Street
4) Random goths on the balcony of Club Fang
5) Coffin and Orion on Bourbon St.
6) Frank and Jocelyn on Bourbon St.
7) Twi and Eileen -- BEWARE THE TWIN GODDESS!!! --


Thursday, April 1, 1999

8) The tourists outside the Biscuit Palace... "Beware the Teletubbies!!!"
9) Shu taking a nap at the Biscuit Palace

At the Crystal
10) Madeline, John?, and Ren
11) Twi and NoirRose
12) ?, Joe, and Patrice
13) FireonPoppylon and Madeline
14) Madeline, Rachel, FirePoppy, ?, Sarai, and Will/RatBastard
15) Boo, Eileen, and Elly
16) Will/TSM and Etienne/Casper
17) Patrick/Pax
18) Dorothy/Elixxir and Twi
19) ~twilight~ on a pool table
20) Timly and ?
21) FirePoppy
22) New Zealand goths
23) John Verberg


Friday, April 2, 1999

At the Bienville House
24) Sebastian? the vampire seal
25) Ryan/Slotok, Stephanie/50 Foot Queenie, Martin, ?, ?

At Jimmy's
26) Dark Juliet and Daimon
27) Amy/moses and Stuart
28) Jen/Mayfair and Chessie
29) Teresa/Useless Beauty and Andrew
30) Eileen/Individuation
31) Zach/Grimace?
32) Will/RatBastard fanning Amy/Twilight
33) Misha/Shadowplay and Clint
34) Amy/Twilight and Misha/Shadowplay
35) Yosa and Amy/Twilight
36) Amy/Twilight in Yosa's corset

Cafe Du Monde
37) Patrick/Pax, Zach/Grimace?, and Kat
38) Random goths (I know Jett Black's in there, though!)
39) Trevor, Zoe?, Chris/Grue, and Julie/Tasmen
40) Tony/toeknee, ?, ?
41) random goths
42) Yosa, Will/RatBastard, ?, Trystan
43) Zach/Grimace? licking his beignet


Saturday, April 3, 1999

At Bienville House/Eldergoth Cocktail

44) Dragon
45) Carolyn
46) Connor, EdVamp, John V.
47) Axel, Zoe
48) Zoe, Anne, and Liz/a>
Evil Sprite Posby in the Trees!
50) Sande
51) ?, ChaChaKate, Connor

House of Blues
52) Elly, Matt/Nytwind, Metamorph
53) Cordelia and Amy/Twilight, scary doppleganger-ness
54) Cordelia and her new "I'm Not Twilight!" sign
55) Eileen, Siobhan, and Amy/Twilight

Post HOB festivities
56) Look mommy! Coffins DO have vampires in them! ;)
57) Kaytea and her goffik potato


Sunday, April 2, 1999

At Breakfast With the Diva Posse
58) Matt/Nytwind and elly.. awwwww....
59) elly and Tam/Ratty
60) Brian/LordBiran and Kaytea
61) Fross/BillyBoBobFrossi and ShuShu

Timmie and Juliann's Wedding At City Park
62) Meekay's GAF crotch and Krista!
63) Timmie and Wedding Party
64) The Beautiful Bride
65) Flower Girl and Juliann
66) Ceremony
67) Wedding Party

Masquerade at the House of Blues
68) Cusraque, Jocelyn, and Frank
69) MREOW!! Go TamDiva!
70) And they wonder why the DivaPosse is pretentious... we look THAT good! Ms. GeishaKatie
71) I WISH this costume would have signed up for the contest... This was by far my favorite... AGSF!
72) What do you get when you add a GreekGypsy and a Native? One happy gypsy :)
73) Yay! Peter/Hellsop, the last official person I had to meet
74) Coffin in drag aw yeah aw yeah
75) ChaChaKate, Amy/Twilight, and Stephanie/50 Foot Queenie
76) Gru in uniform *swoon* I do decla'h
77) Nicole/Silentq, Ren, Falko, and Sola
78) Will/RatBastard and ChaChaKate
79) Elizabeth/Thessaly
80) Two of my favorite people, Jealousy and Eileen
81) TSM and Silentq

Extra picture
82) awwww.... Badtz Maru, Eileen, and Amy.... awwwww

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