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"Before you critize a man, you should walk a mile in his shoes. That way, you are a mile away from him. And you have his shoes."

Here I am again trying to figure out what to say to keep you here, to keep you interested so that I can share my passions, my interests, my causes. Trying to find out who I am, which is quite ironic considering all the people in my life who have told me that they admire me. Admire me for being myself and knowing what I want. I didn't realize it was that easy to fool people.... or fool myself?

Wander these rooms taking with you any impressions that you receive, but not my words. They are all I have, decorating my rooms in this tiny space I have found, most of them half conceived and not yet written. Like my life waiting to be lived.

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Fight the Fear is a ribbon campaign to promote religous tolerance and education. I think this is very important. If you care or believe in religous freedom please join. Wear a purple ribbon September 21 and 22.

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