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Thanks for visiting my reading list.  I've decided to begin listing, on the web, all of the important books I have read.  I have no idea why, but somebody might be interested in it, so here it is.  I also have a fairly healthy interest in lexicography and linguistics.  Browse the Lexicography link (to the left) for some on-line philological resources and such. 

I have now completed my Most Influential Books list.  Please take a look.  I know you most likely will not agree with my choices, but it is a list of the book that most influenced me, so I think I am correct.  As always, I welcome the chance to dicsuss any of the titles with you via e-mail.

Visit the Current Selections to view the books I am currently reading.  This page will be update as I complete the books.  The Reading List contains all of the important books I have read.  Of course, I have not completed adding them all there.  I will try to add a couple dozen each week.  All of the books listed in the Reading List are linked to, so you can get additional information about them.  And yes, if you by it, I get some small pittance from Amazon -- but the site is free after all.  I will try to include notes for the various books in the list, but it will take me time to transfer that much information about each of the books.  Please feel free to send me your review, notes, thoughts, etc. on books I have included, and I will do my best to include them. Please also sign my guestbook , or choose to view the guestbook to see other visitors' thoughts on books and this site.

Please Support the Site

This site is ad free (for now.)  The only sources of support for this site come from visitors visiting or Barns & Noble via the links provided and purchasing books.  Now, I am not asking you to buy a book you don't want, but if you are planning to buy it, why not do it on-line?  Most of the selections are cheaper on-line and can be delivered in just a couple of days.

Thank you for your support,

Mark James

Please visit my WebRings Page for links to other great book sites!

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