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Well, an update after 2 years. =) I will be closing this site and opening up my new site with all the current backgrounds and more! When the new site is ready I will remove all links from this site and give the new site address. My email address should be working correctly now if you have questions. Again, thank you for stoping by.

You have just entered imaging man's homepage. Here you will find links to sites that will help you build your own page. I suggest trying all html codes in your e-mail signature box first. When you are comfortable with the outcome, you can try a free homepage. Links to free homepages can be found on my links page. To use the validator, save the page in your favorites, make a shortcut to it using your F keys, then while at a site if you see something you like hit the F key that corresponse with the validator. This will take you to the validator page with the last address you were at, hit the validate button to get the html of the page you were on. You can also enter the address of a site if you like. I am now part of 30 webrings, you can visit sites from any of then by going to my webring page. Please sign my guest book and let me know what you thought about my site.


Well now I have over 2800 backgrounds for webtv users to upload. Click on the link at the bottom for the jump page, or click here.

Thanks again!





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