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Goodbye from the Pack... Welcome to the Troop!

Every Webelos Scout should be recognized with a graduation ceremony before leaving the pack and entering a troop.

This is not likely to happen, however, unless you have a plan of cooperation developed by your pack and the troop or troops that work with you. This plan should be the result of a joint meeting of the pack and the troop committees or of your Webelos den leader and the Scoutmaster.

The ceremony should include, in addition to the Webelos den leader or den chief, the graduate's prospective Scoutmaster, his patrol leader, and his parents. The emphasis in this ceremony should not be merely to graduate the boy out of the pack, but to graduate the whole family into the troop.

We must not allow a boy to complete Webelos Scouting without helping him join a Boy Scout troop. This calls for a plan.

Do everything you can to see that your Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts want to become Boy Scouts. It's unlikely that a boy will be enthusiastic about having a troop experience if he knows nothing about it. So show these boys something of the adventure that lies ahead on the Scouting trail.

A most effective way of doing this is to include in your pack budget plan a subscription to Boys' Life magazine for every boy in the pack, and then to encourage parents to read it with their son. The magazine gives them Scout-like stories and something of the flavor of Scouting. It can help make a boy want to become a Boy Scout.

These graduation ceremonies are merely suggestions. Use them as they are, revise them to suit the needs of your pack, or write your own.


* Crossing the Bridge
Short bridging ceremony.
* Seven Virtues of Life
7 candles for 7 virtues.
* Four Winds
Nice ceremony, good symbolisim.
* Cub Scout Family Graduation
Family escorts Webelos into Scouting.
* Bridge to Boy Scouting
A more detailed bridging ceremony.
* Graduation from Pack to Troop
Informal and impromptu.
* Archway to Boy Scouting
Graduation with a musical touch.
* The Milepost
The next phase of Scouting.
* Webelos Graduation
Dark room with bridge in spotlight.
* Closing Graduation
Walk thru the color guard.
* From Akela to Scoutmaster
Mighty Akela graduates Webelos
* Webelos Outdoor AOL & Bridging
Do it on a campout. Awesome!!
* 28 More Webelos Graduations!
The handiwork of the masters!
* Webelos Graduation Finder
Search the Net for more Graduations



Crossing the Bridge
Author: Unknown Scouter

Webelos den leader, Scoutmaster, a Boy Scout, graduating Webelos Scout and his parents.

A rustic bridge; two spotlights, one directed on each end of the bridge; Boy Scout neckerchief.

Place the bridge on the stage or in front of the pack meeting room. The Webelos den leader, with the graduating Webelos Scout and his parents, stands on one end of the bridge. On the other end is the Scoutmaster with a Boy Scout holding a rolled troop neckerchief.

Webelos Den Leader: (To parents.) During the years you and your son have been in Cub Scouting, we have had numerous opportunities to work together along the trail. Now [Webelos Scout's name] is leaving the pack to enter Boy Scouting. I am sure you are going to find the same satisfactions there that you have found in Cub Scouting.

To symbolize your son's growth and his entrance into Boy Scouting, I will divest him of his Webelos Scout neckerchief, and you and he will then cross over the bridge into Boy Scouting, to be welcomed by Scoutmaster [name] of Troop [number].

(After the Webelos den leader has removed the Webelos Scout's neckerchief and saluted him, the Webelos Scout and his parents cross the bridge and stand before the Scoutmaster.)

Scoutmaster: (Greets Webelos Scout and parents with handshake.) As Scoutmaster of Troop [number], it is indeed a pleasure for me to welcome you into the troop. We meet each week at [time] at [place]. We shall look forward to welcoming you at our next meeting.

(To boy.) And now I present to you this Boy Scout neckerchief (Places rolled neckerchief around the boy's neck.) May you wear it with pride; its colors are those of Troop [number], which welcomes you as its newest member.

(All exit.)


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Seven Virtues of Life
Author: Unknown Scouter

Webelos den leader, Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, senior patrol leader, graduating Webelos Scout and parents.

Seven torches or candles, Webelos emblem, and graduation certificates.

Cubmaster: Will Webelos Scout [name] and his parents come forward. Tonight we are assembled to honor a Webelos Scout and his parents who are members of the Webelos den. They have brought honor to our pack as they have climbed the Cub Scouting trail together. This Webelos Scout is now ready to go into the great brotherhood of Boy Scouting. With the help of his willing parents he will soon start up the Boy Scout trail.

The seven candles before you represent the rays in the Arrow of Light. As they are lighted you will hear how they stand for the seven great virtues of life. (Candles are lighted by the Webelos den leader.)

Webelos Den Leader:
WISDOM. Having wisdom doesn't mean that a person is smarter than others. It means that he uses what he knows to live a better life.

COURAGE. Courage does not mean you have no fear of danger. It means that you can face danger despite your fear.

SELF-CONTROL. This means being able to stop when you have had enough of something, such as eating, playing, or even working too much.

JUSTICE. Justice means being fair with others we play and work with, regardless of who they are.

FAITH. Faith is belief in God and things we cannot see but feel are true.

HOPE. Hope means to look forward to good things you believe will happen. You hope for better things tomorrow, but at the same time you work hard today to make them happen.

LOVE. There are many kinds of love. Love of family, home, fellow men, God, and country. Every kind of love is important for a full and happy life.

Cubmaster: You will find, if you live by these seven virtues, you will be happier. It is now my pleasure to present to you and your parents your graduation certificates. At this time I would like to introduce to you [name], Scoutmaster of Troop [number], who will accept you into the troop. I am sure he has a few words of welcome for you and your parents.

Scoutmaster: (Welcomes Webelos Scout and his parents.) Senior Patrol Leader [name] will place our troop neckerchief on you. You will be inducted into our troop at our next meeting.

Senior Patrol Leader: As you remove your Cub Scout neckerchief, remember the things you learned in the Cub Scout program. And as you wear this Boy Scout neckerchief, remember that it represents the members of our troop who always try to do their best and be prepared. Welcome to our troop. (He salutes.) br>

(All exit.)


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Four Winds
Author: Unknown Scouter

The Four Winds (four Cub Scouts), each with a candle; graduating Webelos Scouts and their parents; light switch operator; Scoutmaster; Cubmaster; Webelos den leader.

Four candles, Boy Scout neckerchiefs, graduation certificates, gifts (optional).

Graduating Webelos Scouts and their parents are at the front of the room, which is in semi-darkness. Cub Scouts representing the Four Winds stand in each corner of the room. Each lights his candle as he expresses his wish for the graduating Webelos Scouts. After expressing his wish, he comes to the front of the room.

North Wind: I am the North Wind. People say I am cold, but to you I will always bring the warmest of winds because you have been true-blue Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts and have lived up to the Law of the Pack.

South Wind: I am the South Wind. I wish you good Scouting. Over hill and dale I have carried stories of you and your experiences. As Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts you have been happy, game, and fair - a credit to your den and pack.

East Wind: I am the East Wind. I wish you well. I have spread the story of our fun and happiness in Cub Scouting with Pack [number] and of how you lived up to the Cub Scout Promise and were fair and helpful.

West Wind: I am the West Wind. I would like everyone present to know that these graduating Webelos Scouts did not walk the Cub Scout trail alone.

Each had the wonderful help and guidance of his parents. Parents, continue to help your boys go and grow!

All Winds: (in unison.) We will be with you forever. We wish you the best of luck in your travels and experiences on the Scouting trail.

(The room lights come on. The graduating Webelos Scouts and their families are introduced to their new Scoutmaster. The parents replace the Webelos Scout neckerchief with a new Boy Scout neckerchief. The Cubmaster presents graduation certificates. The Webelos den leader may present a gift and give a short speech followed by a thundering cheer from the den as all return to their seats.) br>

(All exit.)


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Cub Scout Family Graduation
Author: Unknown Scouter

This ceremony can be held indoors or outdoors, in uniform or in Indian costume.

Webelos den leader, graduating Webelos Scout and his parents, Scoutmaster, patrol leader, five Cub Scouts to hold posters, den leaders, pack committee members.

Small posters of all Cub Scout ranks, Boy Scout neckerchief and neckerchief slide.

All Cub Scouts, Webelos Scouts, den leaders, and committee members line up in two columns. Small posters bearing the five Cub Scout ranks are held by Cub Scouts. The Webelos den leader, graduating Webelos Scout, and his parents stand at one end of the double column. The Scoutmaster and patrol leader of the graduate's new troop face them at the other end of the column.

When all are in their places, the Webelos den leader reads a review of the graduate's accomplishments during his Cub Scout years, mentioning awards he has received.

Webelos Den Leader: Our accomplishments are never made without help. And significant in [graduate's name's] growth has been the help he has received from his parents. I thank you for the help you have given your son and your cooperation with his den and pack leaders. Of course, we shall miss you as you move on into Boy Scouting - but, we are honored to present Troop [number] such an outstanding family! All of us here wish you continued success as you climb the Scouting trail.

(The graduate and his parents now pass down the line between the two columns, receiving good wishes and good-byes from all pack members. Cub Scouts might sing "For They're a Jolly Good Family," to the tune of "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" as the graduate and his parents pass down the line. When the graduating Webelos Scout and his parents reach the end of the column, the Scoutmaster welcomes them.)

Scoutmaster: You have had a great experience in Cub Scouting and Webelos Scouting.

Boy Scouting will introduce you to new skills that lead to more great fun - hiking and camping. Mr. and Mrs. [name], we hope you will continue to help your son, and we will look forward to your active participation in making our troop one of the best.

In so doing you will be assured that your son is receiving full benefits from his Scouting experience.

(The graduate's patrol leader now replaces the Webelos Scout neckerchief with the neckerchief of his new troop and gives him the Scout handshake. Close with a graduation song, grand howl, or other appropriate closing.) br>

(All exit.)


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Bridge to Boy Scouting
Author: Unknown Scouter

This impressive ceremony for Webelos Scouts can be used indoors or outdoors. Advancement recognition ceremonies for the lower ranks may precede it.

Webelos den leader (Akela), Scoutmaster, den chief as torchbearer, Boy Scouts from troop, graduating Webelos Scout and his parents, senior patrol leader.

A rustic bridge with railings made of dead tree branches and floored with scrap lumber; two campfires (artificial ones for indoors); camp candle lantern to be carried by the torchbearer; Boy Scout neckerchief.

A campfire is at each end of the bridge. The Webelos Scout and his parents are seated around one campfire; the Boy Scouts around the other.

If this ceremony is held indoors, the room should be darkened.

Webelos Den Leader: (Webelos den leader asks Webelos Scout to stand and repeat Cub Scout Promise. Then he calls:) Hello, Scouts of [name of troop].

Scoutmaster: (answers.) Hello, Webelos Scouts of Akela, what do you desire?

Webelos Den Leader: We have a Webelos Scout of Akela's council ring who has prepared himself for entrance into the council ring of [name of troop].

Scoutmaster: Bring him forward to the bridge that joins our two council rings.

(The Webelos den leader, accompanied by the torchbearer, leads graduating Webelos Scout and his parents to bridge. Scoutmaster crosses over bridge and is introduced to the parents and the Webelos Scout.)

Webelos Den Leader: [Name of graduate], you have contributed much to your den and pack, and we shall miss you and your parents. Now you are leaving us to enter the Boy Scout troop of your choice. There you will continue to grow in Scouting skills and friendships.

An important part of your Webelos Scout uniform is your neckerchief.

Now that you are leaving our pack and Cub Scouting, will you remove your neckerchief and give it to me? Your new Scoutmaster will place about your neck the neckerchief of the troop you are to join.

(The Webelos Scout removes his neckerchief and gives it to the Webelos den leader. The Scoutmaster now beckons the graduate to follow him across the bridge.)

Scoutmaster: (standing before the Boy Scout campfire.) As Scoutmaster of Troop [number], I welcome you and your parents. There are many traditions in Troop [number] that will interest you.

(The Scoutmaster may explain one or two traditions and tell of important troop activities planned for the near future.)

Now it is my pleasure to present to you the neckerchief of our troop.

(He places the neckerchief around the neck of the incoming Boy Scout.) Wear it with pride as many have done before you. Your senior patrol leader, [name], now wishes to express the troop's happiness in having you as a new member.

(The senior patrol leader leads the troop in a cheer for the new Scout. This is followed by the troop song or a good Scout song such as "Trail the Eagle;' found in the Boy Scout Songbook, and the Scout Oath.) br>

(All exit.)


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Graduation from Pack
to Troop

Author: Unknown Scouter

The whole ceremony, as presented here, has been made informal, with the idea that those taking part will use their own words. This merely suggests what packs can work up for themselves.

Cubmaster, denner, den chief, Scoutmaster, patrol leader, Webelos Scout and his parents.

Electric campfire, graduation certificate.

The lights are dimmed. The artificial fire is lit at one end of the room. The Cub Scouts are called together in a formation that will make the ceremony easy to conduct (square or half circle).

The denner brings forward the graduating Webelos Scout(s).

Cubmaster: Friends and parents, Webelos Scout [name] is ready to graduate into the Boy Scout troop. [Name], you have looked forward to this for 4 years. You have been a good Cub Scout, and a good Webelos Scout, and we know you will be a good Boy Scout. We are all proud of you.

Denner: [Name], the members of Den [number] are happy to see you graduate into the Boy Scout troop. We don't feel bad about your going because soon we will all be Boy Scouts, maybe even in the same patrol. (The denner leads the den in a yell for the departing Webelos Scout.)

Den Chief: There are two things, [name]. First, I want to tell you that I have enjoyed my association with you in Den [number], and second, Fm glad to welcome you to Troop [number], where we will be able to keep on doing things together.

Cubmaster: (Presents graduation certificate to the graduate.) Scoutmaster, we now present to you and Troop [number] Webelos Scout [name], who is eager to be a Boy Scout. We recommend him highly. He has been a fine member of our pack.

Scoutmaster: [Name], on behalf of Troop [number], I want to welcome you into the great Scouting brotherhood. The boys tell me that you have been asked to join the [name] Patrol, so I would like to have you meet [name], who will be your patrol leader.

Patrol Leader: There are already two Boy Scouts in our patrol who were in your den. They are fine Boy Scouts and we are glad to welcome another graduate of Den [number]. We hope there will soon be more of you. We are having a meeting of our patrol [day, time, and place], and we would like to have you attend.

Cubmaster: (Asks the parents of the graduating Webelos Scout to come forward.) Friends, we of the pack wish to congratulate you upon the graduation of your son. You have done much to keep him interested and happy in Cub Scouting, and we appreciate it. I would like to have you meet the Scoutmaster. (Introduces the Scoutmaster to the parents. The pack forms a circle around the Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, and graduate.)

In Boy Scouting, you will have the Scout Oath and Law to guide you, but as you leave us to follow the trail through Scouting, we would like you to renew with us the Cub Scout Promise. (The whole group repeats the promise. The circle then breaks to let the Scoutmaster and graduate out, and re-closes around the Cubmaster. The group faces the graduate and gives the Cub Scout salute. The entire group shouts, "Do Your Best!")


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Archway to Boy Scouting
Author: Unknown Scouter

This is a graduation ceremony with a musical touch.

Cubmaster, assistant Cubmaster, Webelos den leader, denner, den chief, parents of graduates, Scoutmaster, patrol leader, graduating Webelos Scouts.

Rustic archway, as shown; artificial campfire; United States flag, pack flag, troop flag; graduation certificates; Boy Scout neckerchiefs.

Set up the rustic archway at the center of the stage with Boy Scout and Webelos Scout emblems suspended from its top. On each upright hang acoustical tile squares bearing drawings or decals of the Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, and Arrow of Light emblems. The artificial campfire and the pack flag are to the left of the arch. The United States and troop flags are to the right. Graduating Webelos Scouts and their parents are on stage.

Cubmaster: Tonight we honor graduating Webelos Scouts [names]. Will the graduates' den leader and den chief come forward and stand behind the graduates.

Scoutmaster [name] and Patrol Leader [name], of the [name] Patrol, please stand to the right of the arch.

In honor of these graduates, let's all sing "We're on the Upward Trail," found in the Cub Scout Songbook. (After the song, the Cubmaster continues.)

Webelos Scouts [names], you are graduating from Cub Scouting. With your parents, you have visited and decided to join Troop [number]. You have been active members of our pack for [number] years and we are proud to recommend you and your parents to Scoutmaster [name]. Come join our group and stand by our campfire and flag.

Webelos Den Leader: [Graduates' names], the members of our Webelos den regret losing you. You have earned each of the Cub Scout ranks displayed on the archway and are ready to become Boy Scouts. I have enjoyed my association with you and your parents. May you continue to do your best.

Cubmaster: To help you remember this warm and friendly campfire, our assistant Cubmaster will lead us in singing "Cub Scout Advancement Song" (After the song, the Cubmaster continues.)

As you leave the warmth of our fire please accept this certificate of graduation. (presents certificates.) Remove your Webelos Scout neckerchief. I now escort you and your parents through the archway to meet Scoutmaster [name].

Scoutmaster: (Gives Scout handclasp to the graduates and their parents.) On behalf of Troop [number], I welcome you to the Scouting brotherhood. Our troop has great traditions and high standards. We hope you will help keep them high. Since you wish to join the [name] Patrol, I have [name], the patrol leader, with me.

Patrol Leader: We welcome you into the [name] Patrol. Our troop, furnishes den chiefs for Pack [number]. Our patrol tries to be the best in our troop. We will count on you to help us. (He gives graduates the Scout handclasp.)

Scoutmaster: (To the parents.) As you and your boy enter Boy Scouting, you and he should realize that he is entering a new world of activity. However, he will continue to need your help and encouragement.

There are many ways you can help. I will look forward to your participation in our activities.

(To graduates.) We have already had a visit together. As soon as we have another conference on your Boy Scout requirements, you will be invested at a troop meeting. You may now wear this Boy Scout neckerchief to show you belong to our troop. (Places neckerchief around neck of each pack graduate.)



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The Milepost
Author: Unknown Scouter

Cubmaster, Webelos den chief, graduating Webelos Scout and his parents, Scoutmaster, and two Scout aides.

Troop neckerchief for graduate.

Cubmaster: (Addressing audience.) Cub Scouting is part of the great Scouting movement.

In the final months of his Webelos Scouting experience, a boy learns the requirements for the Boy Scout badge. He decides what troop he will join and, with his parents, arranges for his entrance into Boy Scouting. Tonight our pack has the privilege of bringing another Webelos Scout to this significant milepost.

(Addressing den chief.) Den Chief [name], will you escort Webelos Scout [name] and his parents forward. (The Cubmaster greets them.) [Webelos Scout's name] has chosen Troop [number] as his preference. The Scoutmaster of Troop [number], Mr. [name], is here. We will ask him to come forward with his aides. (The Cubmaster introduces the Scoutmaster and his aides to the Webelos Scout, his parents, and the audience.)

[Webelos Scout's name], I remember the night you became a Cub Scout. You and your parents stood in this same spot. That night a whole new world of opportunity was opened to you through Cub Scouting. During the past years you have experienced that good feeling that comes in giving goodwill to others. Now you have the privilege of becoming a Boy Scout. This ceremony marks the completion of your Cub Scouting, just as it marks the beginning of a whole new experience in Boy Scouting.

[Addressing Scoutmaster] Scoutmaster [name], Pack [number] is proud to present Webelos Scout [name], holder of the Arrow of Light Award. It is our hope and belief that you and your Scouts will provide him the finest opportunity to carry on his Scouting.

Scoutmaster: [Webelos Scout's name], it is a real privilege to welcome you into Troop [number]. As a Boy Scout you will hike and camp. You will learn many useful things. You will have an opportunity to continue to grow into a useful citizen because you will participate in civic activities and learn the thrill of helping other people by practicing the habit of doing a Good Turn every day.

And now Scouts [name] and [name] will exchange your Webelos Scout neckerchief for our troop neckerchief, a symbol of graduation into Boy Scouting.

(Aides replace the Webelos Scout neckerchief with a Boy Scout neckerchief, give the Scout handclasp, step back, and salute. The graduating Webelos Scout should have been coached to return this salute. The Webelos den chief leads the pack in a yell for the graduate. The Cubmaster dismisses the graduate with a warn handshake, and aides escort the graduate, the Scoutmaster, and the family off the stage.)


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Webelos Graduation
Author: Unknown Scouter

Cubmaster, Webelos Scout and his parents, Webelos den leader, Scoutmaster, denner, light switch operator.

US. flag, pack flag, Webelos den flag; bridge; troop neckerchief;. red spotlight.

In a dimly lit room the red spotlight is on the bridge, which is centered between the U.S. and pack flags. Assembled on stage, to the left of the bridge, are the parents and Webelos den leader; on the opposite end of the bridge is the Scoutmaster.

Cubmaster: Tonight we mark a great occasion, the graduation of Webelos Scout [name] from our pack. We are sad to see him leave because he has been a great help to our pack, but we are happy for him because he is going on to the great adventure of Boy Scouting. He has worked hard for this night and has advanced well. Please escort Webelos Scout [name] to the front.

(The graduate, who has been standing on the opposite side of the room, is escorted to the front by the denner from the Webelos den, who carries the Webelos den flag. They stop at the front, The graduating Webelos Scout salutes and joins his den leader on stage. The denner returns to his place.)

Cubmaster: (Recaps information such as date boy joined pack, ranks he has earned, awards he received, date he joined Webelos den, etc.)

Webelos Leader: (Recaps activities in Webelos den, activity badges he has earned.) Webelos Scout [name], it is with great pride that I now ask you for your Webelos neckerchief (After the graduate removes his neckerchief, the leader escorts him to the end of the bridge, where the Cubmaster is waiting.)

Cubmaster: I am pleased to see that you are wearing the Arrow of Light (if he is), the highest award in Cub Scouting. This is the only Cub Scout badge of rank that you will be permitted to wear on your Boy Scout uniform. And now, you may take the final steps. (The Webelos Scout crosses the bridge. He stops in the center, turns and salutes the Cubmaster with the Boy Scout salute. He proceeds across the bridge and gives the Scoutmaster the Boy Scout salute.)

Scoutmaster: [Name], we are happy to welcome you to our troop. I can see by the Arrow of Light that you are prepared to join the great fellowship of Boy Scouting. (If the boy does not have the Arrow of Light, makes any appropriate welcoming speech, then a short statement on what is expected of a Boy Scout.) Please repeat with me the Scout Oath. (The Scoutmaster and Scout exchange salutes and a Scout handclasp.) As a token of this important occasion, I would like to present to you. the troop neckerchief

(The Scoutmaster and parents meet in front of the bridge.)

[Name], welcome to our troop. I congratulate you on the fine work that you have done with your son in Cub Scouting. You will find new adventures with your son in our troop.

(The red light is turned off. The house lights go on. The participants leave stage.)


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Closing Graduation
Author: Unknown Scouter

When using this closing, care must be taken that the Webelos Scouts are helped to make the transition into Boy Scouting.

Cubmaster; graduating Webelos Scouts and their parents; color guard; all boys in the pack.

Colors; graduation certificates.

Cubmaster: Our closing this evening will be, very special. Webelos Scouts, please stand at attention in front of your chairs. Tonight we mark a great occasion, the graduation of Webelos Scouts from our pack. We are sad to see them leave because they have been a great credit to our pack, but we are happy for them because they are going on to the great adventure of Boy Scouting. They have worked hard for this night and have advanced well. We hope you won't forget us; for as leaders, we will not forget any of you great Webelos Scouts. As you continue in Boy Scouting, we ask you not to forget the fun you have had and the many things you have learned as Cub Scouts. We also invite you to return to Pack [number] in the near future as den chiefs.

The color guard will please form in the center of the room. All Cub Scouts and parents, relatives and guests, please join the color guard.

As your name is called, you and your parents will please walk through the Cub Scout ranks and through the color guard to receive your graduation certificates.

(With ceremony, presents each boy and his parents with his graduation certificate.)

Cubmaster: Graduating Webelos Scouts, please pass by your friends as you leave tonight and tell them good-bye.


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From Akela to Scoutmaster
Author: Unknown Scouter

Akela (Cubmaster), Webelos den leader, Scoutmaster, Webelos den chief, denner, patrol leader, graduating Webelos Scout and his parents, tom-tom beater, light switch operator, curtain opener.

Artificial campfire, tom-tom, Indian costume for Akela, curtain.

The lights dim, the curtain opens, and we see Akela standing behind an artificial campfire in the center of the stage. Akela raises his hand in a gesture of friendship. There is the steady, slow beat of a tom-tom in the background. The graduating Webelos Scout, escorted by his denner and Webelos den chief, enters from the back of the room.

They are followed by the patrol leader, who singles out the parents of the graduating Webelos Scout from the audience and escorts them to the stage. As all reach the stage, Akela lowers his arm, the tom-tom beat rises in crescendo, then falls silent.

Akela: Tonight we are assembled to honor a Webelos Scout and his parents. They have brought honor to our pack as they have climbed the Cub Scout trail together. This Webelos Scout is now ready to go into the great brotherhood of Boy Scouting. With help from his parents he will soon start up the Boy Scouting trail. Is there anyone who will speak for this Webelos Scout and his parents?

Webelos Den Leader: Mighty Akela, [Webelos Scout's name] has been a faithful and loyal member of the Webelos den. He and his parents have contributed greatly to our program. [Denner's name], our denner, will speak on behalf of the Webelos den.

Denner: [Webelos Scout's name], the boys of the Webelos den will miss you. But now that you are completing your Cub Scouting, we are happy to see you graduating into the Boy Scout troop. Before long, we too will all be Boy Scouts, maybe even in the same patrol.

Akela: Thank you [denner's name]. Now will Scoutmaster [name] please come forward.

(The Scoutmaster comes to the stage from the audience and gives Akela the Scout salute. Akela returns the Cub Scout salute.) [Scoutmaster's name], as Cubmaster of this pack, I am happy to present Webelos Scout [name] and his parents. You have already met him, but now he is ready to become a member of your troop.

Scoutmaster: [Webelos scout's name], I welcome you and your parents into the brotherhood of Scouting. You have expressed a desire to join the [name] Patrol. May I present to you the patrol leader of that patrol.

Patrol Leader: (Gives Scout handclasp.) There are already some Boy Scouts in our troop who were Webelos Scouts in your den. They are now fine Boy Scouts. We are glad to welcome another graduate. We meet every [day] evening at [place] at [time]. We look forward to having you with us.

Scoutmaster: (To parents.) [Name], we of Troop [number] wish to congratulate you on the graduation of your son. You have done much to keep him interested and happy in Cub Scouting. I am certain that [Cubmaster's name] and [Webelos den leader's name] appreciate your cooperation. At this time, [parent's name], I would like to extend the handclasp of Boy Scouting to you with the hope that you will continue on the Scouting trail with your son. We have a place for you as a leader or member of our troop committee. I believe that both you and [son's name] will appreciate and enjoy the exciting program our troop has planned for months ahead in Troop [number].

Akela: Now our ceremony will come to a close as [Webelos Scout's name] joins the members of his den in the living circle for the last time.


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Webelos Outdoor AOL and Bridging
Author: Jack Clow (HAYICU2@AOL.COM)

Akela (Cubmaster), Webelos Den Leader, Scoutmaster and Boy Scouts, graduating Webelos Scouts and their parents, tom-tom beaters.

Scout assembled field bridge, tom-toms, candles for each boy, AOL candleholder, campfire, wooden target arrows.

We do our bridging at our spring campout. With the Boy Scouts supervising the construction of a bridge from lodge poles and rope. Cub Scout flags at one end and Boy Scout flags, Boy Scouts, and Scoutmaster (and other troop leaders) at the other end. First we cross boys who do not attain the AOL, one at a time.

Webelos Den Leader: Would [Cub Scout name] Scout please approach and cross the bridge (On the Boy Scout side the Boy scouts will present the boys with their new Boy Scout neckerchiefs. Then send the boys back one by one to bring their parents across.)

(then we call the names of the WEBELOS who are to receive the AOL.)

Webelos Den Leader: Would the following Cub Scouts [say Cub Scout names] who have achieved the Arrow Of Light please approach and cross the bridge. (As they start to cross) Stop! You have further accomplishments. (drum beat)There will be silence, please! (pause) The drum of the great leader Akela calls all to recognize those Cub Scouts who have achieved the greatest of all cub scout honors. These scouts have honored Akela and their parents and families. The road to the Arrow of Light is not an easy one and this accomplishment is not to be taken lightly. These scouts have shown their courage to continue and see a task through to the end. In this end there is a new beginning. The beginning of new leadership for tomorrow. We gather here tonight to honor these scouts and we are humbled by their accomplishment. They show us that by following the proper trail and facing the challenges it presents us, we can all reach our destination.


Webelos Den Leader: Would the parents of the [scouts names] join them before the council of Akela.


Webelos Den Leader: Akela, tell us of the trail these scouts followed to achieve the Arrow Of Light."


Akela: (recites AOL requirements and explains significance of their accomplishment, then presents each boy with a candle.) Webelos Scouts, please light your candles.

(the scouts light candles and place them on Arrow of light sign we have placed between the CubScout flags.)

Akela: Scouts please face the campfire. Bearer of the arrow, present arrows. (WDL comes forward with arrows, one for each boy, we use wooden target arrows with a small piece of flash paper from local magic shop, wrapped around tip)

(Stopping at each compass point around the fire holding arrows forward toward the point then toward the spectators, then the receiving boys. present an arrow to each boy.)

Webelos Den Leader: These arrows symbolize the straight path one must follow. The light symbolizes the enlightenment of knowledge and for doing right for others. (tell all boys to hold arrow next to the feathers and one at a time place the tip of the arrow into the flame of their candle.) Akela will now present the Arrow Of Light to the Scouts. (and pins to mothers) Would the Scouts follow Akela for their secret ceremony. (out of sight of the others we explain to the significance of the AOL award, and that it is the only Cub Scout award that can be proudly worn on a boy scout uniform. The scouts return to the camp fire.)

Akela: Scouts please escort your parents to the bridge but cross the bridge alone. Parents will wait on this side.

(On the Boy Scout side the Boy scouts will present the boys with their new Boy Scout neckerchiefs. Then send the boys back one by one to bring their parents across. All new Boy Scouts assemble before the crowd.)

Scoutmaster: I would like to personally welcome all of these fine BOY SCOUTS and their families to Troop [number]. Would all of you please join me in welcoming them?

(loud Scout cheer!)


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