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75th Anniversary

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Complete Requirement 1 and complete 5 other activities

  1. Participate in a pack, district, or council celebration commemorating the 75th Anniversary of Cub Scouting. (This could be a Blue and Gold Banquet.)

  2. With an adult family member, talk to someone who was living in 1930 when Cub Scouting was founded. Find out what life was like for that person as a child - games played, subjects studied in school, family pastimes, and such. Draw a picture illustrating one of these activities.

  3. With your den or family members, take part in a skit, song, or ceremony or tell a story about the history of Cub Scouting or the values it represents.

  4. Make a puppet showing one of the characters from Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book. You can learn about these characters in the Cub Scout handbooks. Use your puppet in a puppet show.

  5. Draw an illustration of the United States flag as it looked in 1930. Explain what changes have been made in the flag since then and why. Tell how you can show respect for the flag.

  6. Participate in a pack, district or council derby. Decorate your entry to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Cub Scouting.

  7. Choose a sport from the Cub Scout Academics & Sports program. Learn about someone who has played this sport during the past 75 years. Play the sport with your den, pack, friends, or family.

  8. Learn how some methods of transportation have changed in the past 75 years. Create a model or sculpture of one means of transportation that was used in 1930.

  9. List five methods of communication commonly used today. Tell how many of these existed in 1930. Use one method of communication to invite a non-Scouting friend to a 75th Anniversary activity and invite him to join.

  10. Design a greeting card for the 75th Anniversary of Cub Scouting. Send the card to a friend or relative, with a note telling item about your favorite Cub Scout activities and why Cub Scouting is important to you.

Ask your Scout Shop for BSA item 75001 - "Youth Award: Patch with red border." For Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, and Webelos Scouts. Cost is $3.95 each.

This patch can be worn as a "temporary patch" centered on the Scouts right uniform shirt pocket. Only one temporary patch may be worn at a line.


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