The Shamanic Journey

If the idea of crossing the invisible barriers that separate your conscious self from other layers of reality is appealing to you, then you have already begun the process you will need to learn how to take a shamanic journey.  Being very basic, we will be discussing the three layers or worlds here:

The Lower World
The Upper World
The Middle World

The Lower World is a happening place!  In the Lower World, you can delve into the depths of your personal myth, meet and learn from your power animals, nature helpers, and guides who reside there or who have crossed over.  This is the place of the shadow and the anima/animus. You can go there to clarify personal questions or for personal renewal.  This is also the place where lost soul fragments reside. There are also dark places that may elicit discomfort in the journeyer. The landscape, though familiar, will have a surreal aspect, and there are no limitations on anything.  Stones may speak, you may breathe underwater, you can be small as an ant or giant as a mountain.  You can fly.  The Lower World has the feeling of a deep dream.  There are usually several facets to a Lower World journey experience.

The Upper World is yet another aspect or layer of reality, with a higher feeling and vibration than Middle or Lower worlds.  A journey to the Upper World is usually taken in a reverent search for meaning, to meet a particular kind of guide that will behave as a spiritual mentor or help you focus on your Soul Purpose.  Journeys to the Upper World may bring you to magnificent libraries of knowledge, forums of thought, and light beings of all kinds. This is not to say it is "heaven"... no more than the Lower World is "hell".  In this worldview, neither is an appropriate description, since all three of these worlds are existing concurrently in layers of the now and the always.  Nevertheless, the landscape of the Upper World is generally of a much brighter and clearer place with many of the manifestations of the higher accomplishments of man present. Like Lower World journeys, there may be some symbolism or messages it will take some time to explore fully.

The Middle World is the same world you see every day, with a slight difference; when you journey to the Middle World, unlike travelling in it in a regular sense, you can see the essence of things as they really are, without the glamour or illusions that prevent us from fully understanding the patterns and meanings inherent in nature and circumstances.  Middle World journeys can be undertaken for direct work with the Earth and earthly issues, for deeper understanding of plants and animals in their natural state, and to travel for real time distance healing. It is sort of the photo negative of what we perceive as the "real world".

There are some things to remember,
no matter what sort of journey you plan to take,
or which World you plan to journey to:

Keep an open mind.  Your personal dogma may not
turn out to be what is translated in these places,
and you may learn a lot about your perceptions and
preconceptions.  Be alert, and stay calm.

It is better if you have a person to drum/rattle/sing for you,
or have a recording with a recognizable call back available
so that you do not fall asleep during your journey.
Tapes/CDs are available from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies

Start with simple exploratory journeys first.
The Lower World is the best place to begin.
Once you are familiar with the landscapes and their inhabitants,
you can do deeper explorations.

Though you can generally trust your guides to
support and protect you, it's your responsibility to
make sure it is your guides you are dealing with.
Journey to them and develop an active relationship;
they will "have your back" when you are journeying
if you pay attention to them.
There are elementals that are completely unpredictable
in all three worlds, but particularly in the Middle World;
they have a different sense of ethics
and may seem cruel or indifferent to your wellbeing.
There is nothing "evil" about them, though they can be deceptive.
Make no mistake.
They do not think the way mortals do,
and are not constrained by mortal thought or behavior.
They are much less trustworthy than they appear...
they are usually very beautiful or attractive in some
basic way that is seductive to the senses. Until you have
a strong relationship with your helpers, avoid direct dealing
with elementals of any kind.  That includes the elementals
that handle the underpinnings of nature; remember that
as a mortal, you are vulnerable to the rules and whims of nature.

(As the friendly quote reminds us, don't mess with dragons...
because you are crunchy and taste good with catsup ;-)

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Caroline "Crow" Abreu
Blessings on your Journey of Life!

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