Howdy Folks
Come On In, Grab a beer,
Take a load off and,


Now we gettin down to the nitty gritty, I know
ya'll wanna know all about me so here goes.
I'm a sweet, innocent, darling little redheaded
country girl, with no temper. (Smillin innocently)
I am 25 years young, with hazel eyes,
and a beautiful smile iffin I do say so myself.
Yeah I know, ya'll wanna looky see fer yourself,
I guess ya wanna leg shot huh?
Well I'm a lookin I know I have one here
somewhere just for your sweet little

There ya have it, now movin right alone.
I'm married, have two wanderful little boys,
whom I love with all my heart, and enjoy
the times, and all the special moments we share.

My favorite type of music is Country.
My favorite singers are: Reba McEntire,
Shania Twain, George Strait, The Judds, and
John Michael Montgomery. Some of my favorite
songs are: "Does He Love You", "I Swear",
"Rock This Country", "Write This Down",
"Unchained Melody", "Have Mercy", "Fancy"
and "Carrying Your Love With Me".

My favotire soap opera is Passions. I watch
it everyday. My favorite TV show is Xena:
Warrior Princess. I watch it every week. My
favorite drink is Mountain Dew. You thought that
it was gonna be an alcoholic drink didn't ya?
My favorite food is Pizza. My favorite desert
is anything chocolate.*Grinz* Other stuff that I
enjoy doin are: Bowling, shooting pool, dancin,
collecting Xena stuff, and chattin on the net.
That's all folks. Ya'll come back now yee here. :-)


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