Check back soon for updated pics of my S-10. I think you will like the new look!

Here's my motto, what about you?

For a little personal information on myself and to see more pics of my truck, click RYAN

This page is specially designed for the minitruck and lowrider freaks out there just like me, but everyone is welcome to check it out! Keep em scrapin!

They're here!!! Pictures of MiniTruckin Nationals 98 in Pigeon Forge TN!

If you're ever passing through the wonderful city of Frankfort Ky, stop in and check my friend's shop at Ky Pro Tints. He'll hook you up with everything you need for your ride!

For all the NASCAR fans, check out my own little page that is dedicated to all the diehard Earnhardt fans like me.

This page is ALWAYS UNDER CONSTRUCTION, so check back periodically to see what changes I have made.

Major manufacturers are the ones who help us get our rides looking good and in show quality. If you have some links that you think I need, put them in my guestbook, or e-mail me and I will post them. In the meantime, check out some of my favorite Also, check out some of the cool that I am a member of and I recommend you join if you meet the qualifications.

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