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Demonworld & Empires minis

These are 15mm fantasy minis made by Hobby Products for the German tabletop Demonworld and the strategy board game Empires.
I'm only showing a few minis of each unit; most of the foot units have forty men each, and mounted units usually have twenty minis. So an average battle (about 1500 points) can easily involve 200 or more minis per side; unfortunately, the majestic picture of such armies arrayed against each other is not conveyed by the small pictures in this gallery.

I have (or am currently painting up) the following armies:
Empire and more Empire, Elves and more Elves, Thain and Isthak

This site also hosts the Demonworld Internet Ladder. There are a few optional rules, too: A two player mini campaign (in English) and some victory conditions for multiplayer games with personalized generals (in German).

Cons and Tournaments  

Reports, announcements, tournament rules and scenarios for Demonworld and Empires tournaments in Southern Germany.

Historical minis (30mm flats)

Battle Reports

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