Black Cauldron Merchandise

When The Black Cauldron was released in theatures, there was tons of merchandise to be found: Plush toys of Gurgi, Hen Wen and King Eidilleg, books and puzzles, etc. When The Black Cauldron was released on home video, only the Beanie set was avaible for fans. Here I have links to places where you have a good chance to find some of this wanted Cauldron merchandise. If you know of a place where you can find The Black Cauldron merchandise, please e-mail me and I'll include the link here. NOTE: I am not recieving any credit or money from these companies, nor am I affiliated with them.

*NEW* TBC DVD Release! *NEW*

YEAH! Finally a cover that looks Black Cauldron-ish!'s the info I heard about this....The release date is October 3rd, 2000. It will be widescreen, surround sound, and have pan and scan (where you can surf to any moment in the movie). Sorry deleated scenes yet!

The Black Cauldron Millennium Pin!

Available at the Disney Store as of Dec. 2nd, 1999

E-BAY is an online auction house, have about 20-40 Black Cauldron items up on auction daily. You need to be a member to bid and buy. To get the most Black Cauldron results, type black cauldron.

Bibliofind is a online used bookstore. It carries several Black Cauldron items. Prices vary from the stores that are selling them. I don't know if you need to be a member.

Van Eaton Galleries
The Van Eaton Galeries is for the more serious collector. VE GALLERIES has Animation art, both production drawings and cels from The Black Cauldron. Also in my opinion, VE GALLERIES has the best artwork at the best prices.

Also, if you want indepth description of The Black Cauldron Merchandise, go to Paul's Page. He has lots of info and pictures and music from the computer game!

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