This page will focus mainly on Ashley Judd, and various male actors whom I adore very much! It will be a while until I get it up and running so visit often and one of these times, it'll be working for the viewing public!

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My Favourite Male Actors!

Hank Azaria
Christian Bale
Steve Buscemi
Robert Carlyle
Alan Cumming
John Cusack
Cary Elwes
Dan Futterman
Jeff Goldblum
Tony Goldwyn
Ryan Gosling
Seth Green
Lee Ingleby
Jeremy Irons
John Leguizamo
Rob Lowe
Joseph Mazzello
Matthew Porretta
Ted Raimi
Hugo Speer
Peter Stormare
Vince Vaughn
Sean Whalen
Chad Willett
Bruce Willis
Billy Zane

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