Peek a boo who is there?
Why its Athena98...she is a fae dragon
She loves to play on my page and of course she loves Ozzy Fae dragon!

I am new to this html stuff but i thought i'd give it a try, my page will be based on me and my intrests.....i hope you find it enjoyable and informative....

Lets start off by talking bout me I am April...most people call me by my nickname baby....I am pretty much interested in music, art, tv and writing poetry.....I have devided this page into some easy to get to links....that way I can divide my intrests into sections
Obviously I have a few links on different pages...feel free to explore them and such.....thats why I put them up, well have fun!
Meet Ozzy Fae Dragon..He is Athena98's boyfriend....

Ozzy loves to dance round and enjoys keepin Athena98 happy and not so lonely.....

Links Within my page

To check out my tribute to my fav star Conan O'Brien
My page of Sailormoon

To visit my cyber pets
To see my favourite Quotes

Links to other pages on the net

My Best Friends Page!
Doo World Order
Adopt dragons like mine
The Saint Lenore
The Untouched
To see my friends page on unicorns

Get your Unicorn
You can get a unicorn or pony there, too!

Please take note of my birthcertificates for Athena98 and Ozzy..thanx...
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