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Welcome to Argo and Bliss' Xena: Warrior Princess Site. Revamped for 2000! Considering Bliss and I have started new chapters in our lives... we taxing paying, college-graduates who now understand why our parents needed a stiff during after work... we both thought it would be a good idea to redesign the site. And why not... Argo's got a nice web-design job at a upscale corporation... So sit back and enjoy the best of what AB's Domain has to offer.

So, ENJOY IT PEOPLE .... this took twenty hours of programming!

New in the Xenaverse--
Xena News all the time. Media Alerts. Convention Dates.

Argo69's Spoiler Queen Page-- What's coming up for our fair heroines. Updates from Creation.

Argo Episode Analysis-- And you thought her theories are insane. Check out Argo's take on every Xena episode in nice, short, Reader Digest Version.

The History of the Warrior Princess-- When was Solon born? How did Xena get Argo? Well, before you write us an email... check out if your Warrior Princess Questions have been answer.

Argo and Bliss Approved Xenaverse Links-- We've looked all over the black hole known as the internet for the VERY BEST Xena Sites

Argo69 Fan Fiction Domain-- When Argo isn't writing code at her computer...she's busy writing Fan Fiction... who needs fresh air!

Bliss' Artwork Gallery-- When Bliss isn't busy plotting a trip to New Zealand...she finds time to draw her favorite subjects...Xena and Gabrielle.

Argo and Bliss Image Archive-- Tons of Images from Episodes. Convention Photos. Lucy and Renee Photo Galleries.

The Lucy Lawless Gallery-- A site devoted to the Flawless One. Complete Filmography, articles, images, links.

The Renee O'Connor Gallery-- A site for my favorite sidekick. Complete with everything for your Renee needs. And who doesn't need Renee every once and a while.

Argo69 and Bliss' Top Ten Lists-- Hey, everyone else has Top Ten Lists ... why shouldn't we.

Logomancy's XENA Page
Considering the Annual Argo Awards are coming up, I thought I'd give these guys a REALLY BIG plug (why does that sound really nasty?). Anyway, this was one of the first sites to establish itself on the web and it's still going strong after five long seasons of Xena, with no signs of stopping.

I Found My Heart in San Francisco: Book One: Awakenings
There hasn't been a story in quite a while that has me counting the minutes until I can read it again (and at eleven chapter each over 100k each, you'll need to read it in parts). But this story is probably one of the best ALT/Uber stories to come my way in a while. Jamie, a happily involved hetero..sexual, decides to take a class in Lesbian Psychology and gets paired up with a sexy, older personal trainer who lets an attracted Jamie into her world. What starts out as friendship, leads to something deeper. The author has promised a lengthy "book" each month. And juding by this first effort, it will be a long month for me!

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