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Why Ariel?

The Little Mermaid was not the first Disney movie I ever saw at the cinema, but it was the one that made me fall in love with Disney. I think I saw it 5 times at the Cinema. I was well and trully hooked. I started collecting everything I could find and when it appeared on video I claimed a copy of that as well. (Luckily as now it is a collectors item as it was a limited release). It is going to be re-released on video in 1998 (if you can believe the net!)

Please visit the new page that Disney has set up too . You will find the link below in my links section. There are some very good children's online games there!
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What is it all about?

The little Mermaid is an adaptation of the fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson. Although the real version is a lot sadder and has a very unhappy ending. So if you don't want the perfect image of the romantic version Disney has produced, don't click on the link below.
The Little Mermaid tells the story of Ariel, the Little Mermaid who desperately wants to see, and be with, humans.
She makes a deal with the Sea witch to turn her into a human so that she can be with the man of her dreams, Eric. The Sea Witch , Ursula, takes Ariel's voice and gives her legs.
Ariel must try and get Eric to fall in love with her before 3 days pass. If she can't then she becomes the property of the sea witch.
All good Disney movies have a scene where good almost triumphs over evil. Ursula puts a spell on Eric and they sail off on the sunset together. As the sun sets on the third day, Ariel retrieves her voice from Ursula, but before she and Eric can kiss loves first kiss, the sun sets and she turns back into a mermaid.
A raging battle ensues, and good wins through (as it usually does in Disney...although I am dubious with Pocahontas).

If you want to know the will have to wait for it to be re-released in November.

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