Hey come on in! You've found Eddie's Edge. But don't
worry there's nothing sharp enough to cut you in here,
including my wit....or should that be half? (bad pun, huh?)

I was born and raised in Ohio, but have lived in the south
for quite a few years now. Got that accent to prove it! I
used to live in a small town in Alabama called McKenzie.
Now, when I say "small", I dont mean little...honey we're
talkin' SMALL. You can walk that town in 15 minutes...
and I mean the ENTIRE town. We had a caution light
there once, but the light burned out and nobody wanted
to change it so they took it out. No kidding! They have
a population of about 525 now. But DON'T let this get
out....400 of the 525 is chickens! That's so they can
continue to collect Federal aid, lol. We live in another
small town now called Georgiana. The boyhood home
of country singer Hank Williams Sr. (Impressed?).
The people here are real friendly...but that's a redundant
statement.. We live in the south...of COURSE they're

I am a born-again Christian, meaning I know
Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. God is
everything to me. I'm also an ordained
minister and evangelist.

If you don't know Jesus as your Savior and would like to,
Please click here!

I am a disabled American veteran. I was in Korea during peace
time and was shot in the left side by a fellow soldier. But God is
good....even though I'm partially disabled, He spared my life.
I didn't meet Him until many years later but He is Lord of my
life now and forever. Please visit our page...
"Tribute to the Disabled American Veteran"

I have a variety of interests and hobbies:

I love to write poetry. I have a page on this website called
Poet's Corner, which I hope you'll visit. It contains my poetry
as well as poetry submitted by others.

I like all kinds of music, however, my personal favorites
are jazz, classical, and praise and worship music.

I also like fishing. Don't catch much, but that's ok...the fish
get fed. And I ain't cleanin' them suckers anyway!

My favorite sport is basketball, and my favorite team is
the Chicago Bulls...."GOOOOOO BULLS!!!!!" Michael
Jordan is an outstanding player...nearly as good as ME.
Nah, better have your waders on....gettin' kinda DEEP in here!

I enjoy good conversation, spending time with friends,
watching old tv programs (comedies are my favorite),
taking walks on a cool evening, and spending time with
my Sweetheart. I also collect windchimes and eagles.
Actually anything with an eagle on it...statues, pictures,

I'm not a complex man...Peggy can tell you that. I simply
stand up for what I believe in and what I know to be right.
I won't turn my back on my kids, my woman, or my friends.
I would never lie for a friend, but then a real friend wouldn't
ask me to lie for him anyway.

Here's some little ditties for ya:


** We lie, cheat and steal, then get upset when our
children do as we?

** We go to the supermarket for a quart of milk and end
up spending $90.00?

** Our children turn out better looking than us and so much
wiser too? (snicker)

** A guy driving a car will NEVER ask directions, even
when lost?

** How in the world our mothers ALWAYS knew
what we were up to?

** Everyone else seems to be tan and lean,
and we're pasty white and fat?

** Everyone else gets all the breaks and we
get a kick in the butt?

** We scream when we catch our children smoking,
with a cigarette in our own hand?

** Every Sunday, no matter what the sermon's about,
the preacher is talking to just YOU?

** We try to do the impossible then get mad when we can't?

** We can never decide what we want before we get to the restaurant?

** We are never happy with what we have, even though we have
more than we can use.

** We always want what we can't have, then get angry if we don't get it?

** Everyone else can be speeding, but YOU'RE the only one who gets the ticket?

** With forty channels on the TV, you can't find a single thing worth watching?

** The sun shines bright....except over YOUR head?

and last but certainly NOT least....(heheheh):

**Have you ever wondered why?.....
the grass is always greener in your neighbor's yard??????
it's because they have a DOG....duh!!

Now, let me tell you a little about my kids.....
I have 10 (that's right...TEN!) children...5 boys and 5 girls.
Gary is my oldest, then there's Cindy, Michael, Nancy, Sharon,
Jerry Lee, Tammy and Terry (twins). WHEW! Gary is
married to a sweet gal named Kim, and has 2 kids, Michelle
and Gary Jr. Michael i sin the Air Force and is married to
another sweet gal named Mary and has 3 kids, Dalton, Christopher
and Justin. And I'm very PROUD to say that I gained a
step-daughter, April Ann, 13, when Peggy and I got married in '98.
She's cute as a button, and I love her very much!

To round it off, Peggy and I had a little boy in November '99.
We named him Edwin Jerold Gurney, Jr (after me) and call
him "JJ".

Ain't he somethin'? He's 5 months old in this pic.
(Thanks to Peggy's friend, Crystle, for this gift)

Well, I guess that's about it for now. If I think of anything else
it'll be on here! God bless you. Ya'll come back now, y'hear!!

Pages my wife has made for me.....

{My Father's Day page, 2000} {My Birthday page, 2000}

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