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A bit about me...

I am 47, married to the love of my life, Peter. We have been happily married for 28 yrs, and are looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together.

We have 3 children, Tamara aged 22, Scott aged 20, and Natasha aged 18. We also have a Son in Law - Matthew (Tam's hubby) and a beautiful grand-daughter named Lucy

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If you're only going to view one other page on this site, make it THIS ONE

I pray you will be blessed as you view the pages on this site, and above all that Gods Love, Salvation and Majesty be known to you.

There are only a few of the graphics in this site that are not my own work so feel free to take any you want from these pages, however if I have linked something such as the following quote please also use the link to link from your site.

My favorite quote
{Courtesy of Heartland Partners in Prayer}

I am content.

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