Since all of my web pages flow into one personal page I will try to be as generic as possible.  Online I go by the Alias of Tsukino Hikari, which means moonlight in Japanese.  No, no. I was not fortunate enough to be born with that name.  It is merely an alias. Throughout all of my web pages I will be hosting you and giving you my personal oppinions on various subjects, mostly things related to anime.
I am 16 and living in Southern California with my mom and my beloved computer.  :: Gives computer a big kiss::  Whenever people try to call they can never get through because I am online either fixing my webpage or Role Playing in some chat room.  I regret to inform you all that I am not single (sorry guys... uh.. and some girls..  lol ^^() ).  My boyfriend is even more obsessed with anime than me and he offers advice and criticism on my site often (however
I am way more obsessed with Role Playing than him.. heh heh heh..).
Well, that is the boring portion of my exsistance.  Now to the fun stuff.  This is my site!!  Here I can let my opinions be heard about my favorite anime's.  As you can see I have a strange taste in Anime's.  From the beautiful and symbolic love story of Utena and Anshii to the blood and gore of Hellsing and then to the slightly less gory but a little comical Nightwalker.  Strange combination, huh?  Well, I like a lot more than that and I guarentee that there are more sites on the way.  There are even a couple of comical sites in the works.  Enjoy!! ^^

Shojo Kakumei Utena
(Revolutionary Girl Utena)
Kagee Girls (Shadow play Girls)
Vampires of Anime
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