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Including Ella, Valentino, Skywalker, Bindi Sue II, and Kitara! Plus many more that have been bred here and moved on to other families!

Updated May 5 2009! Thank you to Brandi Bowen for ALL of her help with our Sapphire line and to everyone who has purchased chinchillas to help us with our situation. We are currently doing good and the scare is over!

Please call us at 208-230-1185 or email at trin306@yahoo.com

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About our Chinchllas and our family!

Purple Sage Chinchillas is a small ranch owned by Trinity Granden and Calvin Hussman located in Emmett Idaho. We have had chinchillas as pets since 1992, but have been breeding Herd Improvement Chinchillas since 1999 and Showing Chinchillas since 2004! We currently have a herd of 30+ chinchillas in our breeding program.Our program consists of very specific lineage for our Ebonies and Sapphires that we have been working on since our very first chins from PNWC.In 2008 we added a new member to the PPSC family her name is Calli Jolie!!

Showing is Great Fun and we have taken home many many Champion ribbons and it is a great accomlpishment to see our babies on many other breeders websites and to know that through our efforts we have helped the chinchilla community produce quality animals, however, we have decided to take a break from showing because our children and family come first and foremost but we do see ourselves participating in shows in years to come!

Our bloodlines consists of QS, SUPR,Dark Star,PNWC,RNJR,and Pam Oldham.We recently have added some great new and exciting outcross lines from MSVC(Jamie soon to be in texas!Jamie has helped us rebuild our herd after a devastating loss during my divorce.) and RSF(Ronda is fabulous!!)

Our Breeding Philosophy

At Purple Sage our goal is to produce chinchillas that will excell in the show circuit, but also excell in the pet environment!We are very Happy and very picky with the breeding stock we have chosen to complete our herd!

Now for our breeding efforts,first we only purchase the very best that we can for our breeding herd and are constantly striving to improve as well.We currently are breeding for the very large Brevi type Chinchilla for our breeding program.We are striving for extremely large clear tightly furred (dense)animals with a very velvety texture to their coat.We have narrowed our breeding efforts down to just Ebony and Sapphire variations so that we can focus on very specific bloodlines and traits.OF course we still have our Sage line, but it is on hold until we find a perfect TOV beige girl for Skywalker which thanks to Ronda Frazier we now have our Sage line breeding again.!Even though we have alot of chinchillas we strive for animals with docile temperments and do not tolerate any aggression in our herd.Our goals for our chinchillas is to have the VERY best of EVERYTHING we can get in one chinchilla!!

Here at Purple Sage our chinchillas needs come first and foremeost.We believe strongly in cleanliness as they live in our home and interact with us daily.Our chins are used to everyday household noises and to children.They are truly part of the family!We also believe that chinchilla breeding should be FUN and a learning experience and refuse to deal with the negativety and politics that seem to abound over the last few years within our local community therefore after much reluctance we only sell chinchillas for pets not for the showing community nor will we recommend anyone to other breeders with the exceptions of Salt Valley Chinchillas,Brandi Bowen, Pamela Oldham, Ronda in Oregon, Jan Ryerson, Ellis and Gene Adcock, and Vinn Somavia as these breeders truly feel the same way we do! This is due in large part to our motto of treat others as you would like to be treated and getting severly taken advantage of in the past makes us very leery to trust people.

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