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August 2006

1st: James' Birthday
13th: Bill's Birthday

February 2006
6th: Finish temp assignment
10th: Moving day
17th: Maddi's 3rd Birthday
21st: Amy's 'movie' premier
22nd: Job interview
23rd: Start 4 week job

January 2006

1st and 2nd: Recover from nye
6th: Mum's 48th birthday
12th: start 3 week temp assignment
13th: Send in application for house
25th: hopefully move into new home
26th: Mum's 5th year RIP

ha... slacker am I!
To update where I left off in my last post... Ok, I got the contract with the big government department. It was for 1 month which was then extended into 2 months. I have moved on from there though. It was pretty hard work, got verbally abused on the phone every day which was a bit rough on the nerves, but it did help me come to the realisation that I'm good handling people in distress and should pursue psychology as a study option, which I'm hoping to start next year.
I am now working back for my old employer, same boss, different branch. We're a small team, get along really well and have fun together. If it wasn't for that I think I'd be moving on by now.

I've come down with some sort of chest infection... coughing that canes my up deep inside...ouchy!!! and my back feels very cold... grrr! annoying!
Think I'll go guzzle some Benadryl....

Said Nay @ 1.10PM on the 20th of August 2006.

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Well, moving day is this Friday...which means we got the house... Moving is not meant to be easy for us crabs (I'm a Cancer!!) But once my mind is set I can't wait to get into the new place.
My room has a fire place....oooo!!

I finished my temp assignment on Monday... had a lunch time drink with two friends which turned into 3 then 4 drinks... got home and I was a little more than tipsy... fed myself clumsily in the kitchen then vegged in my drunkeness...

I've been lined up for a contract position with a big government department, it looks like I'll get it as they have already done my reference checks. Just have the interview tomorrow morning...Here's hoping I don't make a fool of myself in the process... I have a habit of going blank in interview which doesn't look too good. It's with a department I really really want to get into... so wish me luck!!

Said Nay @ 12.50PM on the 8th of February 2006.

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In between looking for work (I must have applied for at least 10 jobs in the past week!!) and being a couch potato discovering digital delights whilst delving into my soul (I have yet to find the dvd remote)...I updated my desktop picture to the right and put a new blog pic up... Yay me!

I'm filling out an application for a new house...hopefully I'll get it. I'm starting a 3 week temp assignment at one of my previous employers tomorrow...

Little steps...

Said Nay @ 12.25PM on the 11th of December 2005.

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Everyone makes new years resolutions, I usually make them and of course break them. This year I am going to plan and stick to it...I really really am :o)
It's all part of growing up...or in my case trying to be an adult.

My resolutions for 2006

1. Get out of debt and be financially secure.
2. Be more honest with myself (not agree to things just to be accepted)
3. Be more confident when dealing with people.

Bring it on!.....

Said Nay @ 4.09PM on the 31st of December 2005.

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A common trend in my life is for it to suck at the beginning and end of every year. This year is no exception...
I have had a major falling out with my best friend, quit my job and am now in the process of moving house. Pretty much everything in my life that can change has changed.

I've been searching through my soul, and I've come to a realisation that I don't know who the hell I am. In order to be liked by others I have been acting outside my normal self and this persona has taken over and it's not someone I like to be.

I need to change...

Said Nay @ 1.28AM on the 30th of December 2005.

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