Hi and welcome to my tribute to Don Bluths animated film Thumbelina! I started this site because there is NO information on Thumbelina products anywhere! I even went to the DON BLUTH SITE and they had no clue what I was talking about. I've checked with all the companies that made these products and the all said I know more about it than they do. (which was nothing!) This website contains my personal Thumbelina collection and also dolls from the movies Fern Gully and Happily Ever After (returning soon!)! I have the largest Thumbelina collection I know of and would LOVE to have to eat those words! I love chatting about Thumbelina (dolls ect..) and if you have any information on any Thumbelina products please drop me a line.
DISCLAIMER ~ Although the items in the site are in my personal collection, none of the images/characters belong to me. They belong to the copyright holders, ie, Don Bluth & Warner Bros.

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Neopets is THE greatest virtual pet site ever!! My favorite parts of neopets are my pets that I created myself & painted, the over 160 fun games, trading, shopping, on site mailing & chatting with the friends I've made. I mean, come on, where else can you get a unicorn or a dragon for a pet? Come see me, I'm Thumbelina701122 there too
update: 3-23-05
sorry but theres really nothing to add except a couple of animations I've made...
pictures modified from their origianl versions as seen at A Tiny Angel
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