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The Wizard's Tower

Welcome to The Wizard's Tower, a site dedicated to D&D, HackMaster, and RPG gaming in-general. Original D&D, 1st Edition, 2nd Edition, 3e. Any and every edition.

If you have any reccomendations for additions to the site, feel free to e-mail me @ thewizardstower@yahoo.com


Latest Updates

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  • Last update 2/10/2002: Well, what can I say. I've been busy lately, both with school and life in general. I've finally gotten a semi-regular game going, and hopefully things will pick up around here. No promises as to when, though I'm looking at later on in the spring. Sorry. I'll keep my eyes open for cool content. If you have anything, e-mail me.

  • Last update 11/04/2001: Added a couple of HackMaster links in the Links section. Hopefully will be adding much more to the site soon.

  • Last update 9/16/2001: We are back online after a moment of silence for the WTC incident. May we have our revenge on those who have wronged us.

  • Last update 9/10/2001: Updates will be coming more slowly now. School has started again. Yuck.

  • Last update 8/24/2001: Eric Noah's boards are officially dead. :( The successor of the boards is www.enboards.org, where they've taken all the old posts and transferred them over.

  • Older updates...

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  • Last update 8/24/2001: Oops. I found out that part of the text on the front page wasn't showing up as white, and was, instead, black. Should be fixed now. I hope.

  • Last update 8/20/2001: Added more to links, including a link to Dark Dungeons. Fixed some links up. Also minor fixes to layout.

  • Last update 8/19/2001: Keep checking Eric Noah's site for updates on the future of his site and the EN Bulletin Boards. (Also, minor fixes were done to this site -- Nothing big)
  • Last update 8/17/2001: Eric Noah's site is going to be closed down within a couple of days. :( This is really really bad news for the thousands of gamers that visited his site and his forums each day. Sorry to hear, Eric. Good luck.
  • Last update 8/14/2001: Added "Guide to Thieves Cant" in Downloads section
  • Last update 8/13/2001: Gave front page minor facelift. Hope you like it better than the old one.
  • Last update 8/13/2001: Added some OD&D and other sites to Links page
  • Last update 8/12/2001: I'm expanding this site to D&D in general, even if I don't have any new general D&D stuff up. I'm working on it. Give me time.
    Added Net Book of Demons

  • Last update 8/09/2001: Added poll. I have to get more stuff, and then I'll put it up. If anybody has any submissions, send them to me, please! :-)
  • Last update 7/24/2001: Added first entry to Hall of Heroes. Minor misc updates
  • Last update 7/16/2001: This page is constantly under construction. If you don't see anything you want now, come back later and I might have it.
  • Last update 7/11/2001: We're online!









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