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The Snooty Agouti

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"I never met a human I didn't lick".

"I mean like..."

...Snooty (our founder)



Who we are…


Gerbils know that humans live in a fast paced, tension filled society. To combat the effects of such an environment, humans have resorted to all sorts of measures such as squeezing stress balls, meditating, and when necessary, even screaming into pillows!


Realizing this, a group of courageous and caring gerbil families made the decision to come to the aid of humankind. With their innate understanding of the human condition and knowing that wildlife (particularly gerbils) has a pleasant effect on humans, bringing joy and fun into their lives, these gerbil families banded together to breed and to offer their pups to humans as "companions"… often referred to by humans as "pets".


Armed with adorable snoots, ever-ready thumpers, magnificent tuft tails, silky pelts (in many beautiful colors!) and a love for the human touch… And asking for nothing in return other than a warm, clean habitat, proper diet, tender loving care, a gerbil companion and an occasional sunflower seed, these enterprising gerbils, under their leader SNOOTY, established "The Snooty Agouti", habitat of homebred Mongolian gerbils.




"Homebred" simply means we breed our gerbils at home!

As a breeder we are familiar with gerbil genetics, have a passion for the ongoing study and breeding of gerbils and offer gerbils for adoption directly from our home to your home. We make every attempt to keep breeding pairs together for life. Snooty recommends that pups be available for adoption from our "Pup Den" at atleast six weeks of age…after being well acquainted with the human touch.


Many commercial breeders breed gerbils on a large scale for sale to pet shops. At The Snooty Agouti, a dedicated team of gerbils, and their human assistants, breed our gerbils on a much smaller scale with essential early and frequent tender human contact. As a result, we believe that noncommercial breeders, like ourselves and others, are able to give early individualized tender loving care to our gerbils and their pups. We also believe this fosters the development of well adjusted, tame, happy, healthy gerbils…and happy gerbil owners! And of course…we love what we do!





" I wouldn’t have it any other way! "




It is also our hope to inspire others to appreciate the beauty of gerbils and to arouse their curiosity and interest in adopting gerbils. Learning is a continuous process, even for breeders! We encourage everyone to explore the wealth of detailed information about gerbils that exists on the Web and to visit our fellow breeders’ and owners’ web-sites before adopting.


Among our breeding couples are Pollyanna and Parrish, two lilacs.

Parrish (left) and Pollyanna (right) courting...

"Oh, Parrish, these bright lights just make me see red...!"




Charismatic (left) is a beautiful female Nutmeg...

Silvercharm (right) is a magnificent Grey Agouti male...




Another angle of the lovely couple...




Another beautiful couple...

Sassy, a lovely female Polar Fox...and

Lonsdale, a witty male Nutmeg



Another angle of this witty couple....




This is a lovely Red Fox couple...

To the left is Pentilis, a male...to the right is Dharma, a female.

(This is a philosophical couple...while it appears that they are eating,

they are really discussing human nature.)



Pentilis, left, is really getting an earful from Dharma...



Gerbils As Companions…?


Easily answered by (almost) one word!


Snooty's Gerbil Mantra

Gentlegerbils have a pleasant disposition and are not easily provoked.

Educational…gerbils are fascinating to observe offering a glimpse of the wild.

Robust…gerbils are hardy and not easily prone to sicknesses.

Bold…gerbils will investigate everything; they have a sweet, innate curiosity.

Ideal…gerbils are clean, odorless and ideal companions where space is limited.

Lovable…who can resist the snooty of an agouti…?



Did You Know That…


The arid clay and sandy deserts of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East are the natural habitats of gerbils. However, unlike some of the human inhabitants of these regions, gerbils are by no means nomads. Rather, gerbils are regular "home bodies" as in the wild they generally do not wander more than forty or fifty feet from their burrows.




Pollyanna and Parrish with a telescopic view...

"Yep! This looks about right Pollyanna...50 feet.

Let's head back home." "Not so fast...I want a look too, Parrish!"



In the wild gerbils tend to be nocturnal. They remain in their burrows and sleep through most of the hot day. However, gerbils are far from lazy. They become very industrious at night and "burn the midnight oil" searching for food, nesting materials, and digging new intricate tunnels and nests. Each nest may have various dens for storing food and nesting.




"Hidden" camera catches Charismatic (top) and Silvercharm (bottom)

in their burrow preparing for a late night foray.

"Oh Silvercharm dear, these nature photographers must be kidding."

"I know, Charismatic, let's make them feel good and pretend we don't see



Some domesticated gerbils behave a bit differently from their relatives living in the wild. Seems that civilization has made real "party animals" of our gerbs since domesticated gerbils may be awake and playing (they love toys) any hour of the day or night. This seems to be especially true of Mongolian gerbils. Just love the pitter-patter of those petite paws!



Charismatic and Silvercharm... scurrying to paint the town GERBIL!!!


"Quick, hurry, Silvercharm...I think there's an after-hours burrow

featuring BEATLES music around the next mound."




Please remember…pet ownership carries with it serious ethical and humane responsibilities. Before adopting any pet, first determine that pet’s particular requirements and evaluate your ability and commitment to provide those requirements. Look at the big picture. Research and familiarize yourself with your potential pet's needs.



"The decision to adopt should be an informed decision."



This is a little bit of what The Snooty Agouti is about..

But it is also about you learning about gerbils...and adopting...

Continue on and meet some of the family!





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