This Week... 04-01-02


The Snooty Agouti

"Issue one...on a scale of one to ten..."



Two curious gerbils: a red fox and a lilac

eager to learn about the events of the week at The Snooty Agouti.





Hi gerbil lover! We are currently planning to be able to chat with you "real time" using AOL Instant Message (initially). For those of our friends who do not subscribe to AOL, we understand that the Instant Message program can be downloaded free off the internet.

This will allow Mary Jo and myself to meet and to privately chat briefly with each of you about gerbil topics of a general nature. Medical topics should be referred to a vet.

At the beginning of each month we will publish a monthly schedule of times when we will be on line for chat purposes as well as the protocols we hope everyone will follow. Since this will not be a chat room (yet), we will limit our time with each participant and ask all participants to be patient. The screen name we will use will not be The Snooty Agouti. More on procedures and protocols at a later date.

Thanks for dropping in...



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