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A Polar Fox pup exits its den to investigate a noise


This page contains a self explanatory pictorial of less elaborate habitat housing than that found in Housing Page One. This type of housing offers the benefits of economy of time. It too provides the gerbils with a place for privacy and a second floor. Our gerbils have a great time exploring and adopting (and adapting) their prefabricated "burrows".

It is inevitable that the housing will eventually be chewed up. However, a steady flow of healthful diversions such as...wooden chew bits, a wooden bird ladder or two and a continuous flow of manila file folder (quartered) "roll ups" will generally divert the gerbs' attention. Nevertheless, it is simple to replace the parts of the housing that are chewed up...we generally have to do so every other day. But it is simple and quick to do and also affords a fun opportunity to interact with our gerbils.


Start will some aspen and corn cobb bedding....


Add a few full size manila file folder "roll ups" and some soft tissue...


Season with some aspen bedding...


Add several folder pieces for a strong roof...




Top with several folders for privacy...(a small wooden house can replace these four "roll ups")



Garnish with about 1. 5 inches of additional aspen bedding...


Close with water, vitamins, a small wooden house, two wooden ladders on the roof for additional support and some" roll ups" and gerbils...and your cooking!

This setting will take about ten minutes to prepare...but always supply wood chews, toys, and" roll ups".

Background photo provided by "Lonsdale"...a nutmeg male from The Snooty Agouti...!


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