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Hi...Welcome to our growing ALBUM! Here we invite you to share a glimpse of some of The Snooty Agouti family. These fotos were paw picked by Snooty and the gang. As you can see, the gang is a real troop of show-offs and always lying in wait for the paparazzi to show up or some admirerers to ask for "paw prints".

First known prehistoric fossil of gerbil paw prints

(Rumored to have been discovered in Canarsie, Brooklyn)

This is Pentilis. He is a red fox and married to Dharma who is also a red fox. They have had several litters...are great parents and enjoy teaching their pups the art of opening sunflower seeds.

A male grey agouti (Silvercharm) strikes a pose... as the camera comes in for a close up...

Say "Seeds" !

One of our breeding pairs... Charasmatic (female nutmeg) and Silvercharm (male grey agouti)

A handsome agouti pup scampers away after a quick snack

This is "Winston"...a blue fox (silver nutmeg). We call him "Winnie". He is one of the friendliest gerbs at The Snooty Agouti. Each time we reach for him he marks us...he is right in believing that we belong to him!

Another shot of Winnie...taking a sand bath. All the females are wild about him and his " Brandoesque " appeal.

Below is one of our breeding pairs. To the left is Sopran Fair (female nutmeg) and Shoop (male polar fox).

A close-up of Lonsdale (nutmeg) peering out of his den.

One of our breeding pairs... Sassy and Lonsdale...checking out the camera's approach

These polar fox pups are not camera shy...

However, the cost of this pose was 4 sunflower seeds each.

Samantha, an exquisite pied black, gnaws away on a piece of manila folder

Lonsdale investigating Pat and Mary Jo making noise at the computer

A dark eyed honey pup out on a limb....

A dark eyed honey and polar fox pup

"I know we're facing the dining room!"

It's chow time for some lilacs and a red fox...

  • Guess...!

    Here's (a young) "Sassy"...she is a female polar fox who lives up to her name. She is married to "Lonsdale" who is a nutmeg male. Rumor has it that Sassy wears the thumpers in their habitat and on occassion has been sited reading Cosmopolitan magazine while Lonsdale reads Good Housekeeping.

    A young lilac takes a dust bath....

    Check out those thumpers...he'll eventually grow into them!

    The Snooty Agouti ... the early stages.

  • Mary Jo working late keeping track of the various thumpers and tufts at The Snooty Agouti.

    (Notice the pups in the habitat behind her.)

    The habitat on the left is where I was born! Pat and Mary Jo really know how to treat gerbils. (The fingerprints on my picture belong to Pat...he forgot to wipe the outside of my habitat.) :)

    Mary Jo said "*&^%$#&*)@#*&!", which I think means that Pat won't forget to wipe the outside of the habitats again!

    A happy lilac family munching on The Blue Plate Special.

    A mother lilac suckling her pups.....while dad takes a nap in the background...

    Gee...dads have it tough!

    With their tummies full...it's time for a nap...as mom heads for water...

    As you can see...there's no waking dad....

    Tender lilac moments with their mom

    The End

    Coming Soon...lots more photos!

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