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04/28/02: Well thank you to all who have visited this site so far. We are on the second page of the topsite lists thanx to you guys. Come on people's let's move up to the first page now!!!!! Well speaking of which the pictures page is up, and, soon today there will be another page up. So bear with me here peeps. And, I bought my first starter deck today, the yugi version. It's maddz hotts. Anywayz, as always, IT'S TIME TO DUEL~!!!!!

04/17/02: Well this is my second Yugioh!!!!!!! Game site. Well anywayz, in the weeks to come I will be  advertisieng this website and trying to get more people to come I will also try and join the topsite lists to add visitors to here as well, and if anybody knows of a good place to pick up a cool message board like ikonzboards just let me know!!!!! And, I will be making some more pages, this is the only that is working at this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace. IT'S TIME TO DUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!

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