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Quid Novi?

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7/11/01 - Added more phrases
7/14/01 - Updated the authors page
7/15/01 - Updated the nota bene page. Now has 1st 3 declensions.
7/30/01 - Updated the nota bene page. Now has all 5 declensions as well as relative and demonstrative pronouns. Added at least 55 new phrases.
8/12/01 - Added The Latin Site Tree (pun intended.)
8/13/01 - Updated the nota bene page. Added case usage information.
9/25/01 - Today is the anniversary of The Latin Site being online for five months. To commemorate the event, I decided to fix some bugs, make a new version of the navigation bar and add some other fun stuff.
9/30/01 - Fixed the clock.
1/13/02 - Happy New Year! Finally uploaded the literature section along with 5 latin texts, made a new version of the navigation bar, and added quotes and phrases.
3/12/02 - Added certamen questions and rules.
3/16/02 - Added conversational Latin and more quotes.
4/06/02 - Added Vergil Links.
6/12/02 - The Poetry section is now online and I have written a great portion of its content.
7/22/02 - Major update. I have added information for all 4 conjugations to the Nota Bene section.
12/22/02 - Major update. I have added information for all 4 conjugations to the Nota Bene section. Warning: the link to the Verb Basics article is dead, since I want to completely finish it before uploading it.
1/25/03 - Research begins on "Cupid Certamen"
2/02/03 - Uploaded "The Wireless Latin Site"
2/09/03 - Added Catullus quotes and more rhetorical device examples.
3/29/03 - Version 2.0 preview site comes online.
3/31/03 - Version 2.0 replaces "Classic Version" of site.
4/01/03 - New index pages come online.
7/11/01 - I have decided to convert Nota Bene into a grammar section.
7/30/01 - Most of the site's content should be online within the next two weeks.
9/25/01 - I will be adding two more sections to the page very soon.
12/24/01 - Io Saturnalia! The site broke 10000 hits today.
1/6/02 - Today is Cicero's birthday.
1/13/02 - I have decided to incorporate the planned conversational Latin section into the phrases section.
3/15/02 - Eheu! Today Julius Caesar was assasinated.
5/20/02 - "The Latin Community" is now online
5/28/02 - The Latin Site has been online for 1 year.
11/20/02 - "The Latin Site 2.0" is announced
2/02/03 - "The Wireless Latin Site" is uploaded, making it the first Latin language website designed for wireless devices.
3/30/03 - "The Latin Site version 2.0" comes online.
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