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NameClaim to FameTragic FlawPunishment
AchillesSlayed HectorHis mother left his heel vulnerableStabbed by Paris through his heel
CamillaLeader of the Volsican armiesLowered her guard when chasing a man for his golden armorKilled while in persuit of her victim
JasonLed the quest for the golden fleeceLeft the witch Medea to marry a princessWatched Medea kill their children
OedipusSolved the riddle of the SphinxRefused to accept his fatePoked his own eyes out
PerseusSlayed MedusaTried to steal Persephone from AresGlued to a chair in Hades
TheseusSlayed the MinotaurForgot to lower the black sail on his shipHis father jumped off a cliff and into the Aegean Sea
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