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Roman Name Greek Name Duties and Areas of Power Spouse Parents
Jupiter/Iuppiter/Jove Zeus The King of gods and men. Juno The titans Rhea and Cronus
Neptune/Neptunus Posiedon The King of the sea. Amphridite The titans Rhea and Cronus
Pluto Hades The King of the underworld and the god of wealth. Persephone The titans Rhea and Cronus
Apollo Apollo The god of the sun, music, and prophecy. ---- Jupiter and Leto
Mercury/Mercurius Hermes The god of travel, commerce, and communication; messenger of the gods. ---- Jupiter and the titan Maia
Vulcan/Vulcanus Hephaestus The god of fire and metalworking. Venus Jupiter and Juno
Bacchus Dionysus The god of wine and revelry. None Jupiter and Semele
Juno/Iuno Hera Queen of gods and men; protects married women. Jupiter The titans Rhea and Cronus
Minerva Athena The goddess of wisdom and crafts. ---- Jupiter
Diana Artemis The goddess of the moon and hunting; protects virgins. ---- Jupiter and Leto
Venus Aphrodite The goddess of love and beauty. Vulcan Born from sea foam
Ceres Demeter Goddess of agriculture. ---- The titans Rhea and Cronus
Vesta Hestia Protects the hearth and home. ---- The titans Rhea and Cronus
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