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Ad hoc - To this particular purpose
Ad infinitum - To infinity
Ad nauseum - To the point of making one sick
Alma mater - Nourishing mother
Alter ego - Other self
Amicus curiae - Friend of the court
Anno domini - In the year of the lord
Ante meridiem - Before mid-day
Aqua vitae - Water of life
Auxilio ab alto - By help from on high
Ave atque vale! - Greetings and farewell!
Ave Caesar! Morituri te salutamus. - Hail Caesar! We who are about to die salute you.
Bene - Good
Bona fortuna - Good luck!
Carpe diem. - Seize the day.
Cedant arma togae - May arms yield to the toga.
Cogito ergo sum. - I think therefore I am.
Cf. (Confer) - Compare
Cornucopia - Horn of plenty
Cum Laude - With praise
De facto - Resulting from fact
De gustibus non est disputandum. - There's no arguing about matters of taste.
De mortuis nil nisi bonum. - About the dead say nothing but good.
Deus ex machina - God from a machine
Dramatis personae - Characters of the play
E pluribus unum - From many one
Errare humanum est. - To err is human.
Emeritus - Retired
Esse quam videri. - To be rather than to seem.
Et alii/aliae - Other persons/things
Et cetera - And the rest
Ex cathedra - From the seat of authority
Exempli gratia - By grace of example
Exit/exeunt - He/they leave
Ex officio - Resulting from the office held
Fames est optimus coquus. - Hunger is the best cook.
Festina lente. - Make haste slowly.
Fortes Fortuna adiuvat. - Fortune favors the brave.
Fortuna caeca est. - Fortune is blind.
Gens togata - The toga-clad race; the romans.
Gratia placenti - For the sake of pleasing.
Hodie mihi, cras tibi. - Today for me, tomorrow for you.
Honores mutant mores. - Honors change customs.
Ibidem - In that same place
Id est - In other words
In absentia - In the absence of
In aeternum - In eternity/ Forever
In dubio - In doubt
In esse - In being.
In flagrante delicto - While the crime is blazing
In futuro - In the future
In limine - On the threshold
In loco parentis - In the place of a parent
In memoriam - To the memory of
In nubibus - In the clouds
In pace - In peace
Inter alia - Among other things
Inter canum et lupum - Between a dog and a wolf
Inter se - Amongst themselves
Inter spem et metum. - Between hope and fear
Inter nos - Between ourselves
In toto - In all
Io Saturnalia! - The customary greeting of revelers during the Roman holiday Saturnalia. Used the same way as "Merry Christmas" is used today.
Ita est. - Yes./It is so.
Iustitia Omnibus - Justice for all
Koming soon (Sorry, bad joke.)
Labor omnia vincit. - Work conquers all.
Lapsus calami - Slip of the pen
Lapsus linguae - Slip of the tongue
Lares et penates - Household gods
Magna charta - Great paper
Magna cum laude - With great praise
Mea culpa - My fault
Mirabile dictu - Amazing to tell
Modus operandi - Way of operating
Modus vivendi - Way of living
Multum in parvo - Much in little (small but significant)
Non quis, sed quid - Not who, but what
Non sibi, sed patriae - Not for you, but for the fatherland.
Nota bene - Note well
Novus homo - A new Man; a man who was the first in his family to be elected to an office.
Novus ordo seclorum - A new order of generations
Orbiter dictum/dicta - Said by the way (miscellaneous remarks)
Omnia vincit amor. - Love conquers all.
O tempora! O mores! -
Pax vobiscum - Peace be with you
Per capita - Per head
Per diem - Per day; daily allowance
Per se - By itself
Persona non grata - An unwelcome person
Post hoc ergo propter hoc - After this, therefore because of this
Post meridian - After midday
Post scriptum - After what has been written
Pro bono publico - For the public good
Pro et contra - For and against
Pro forma - For form's sake
Pro patria - For one's country
Pro rata - In proportion
Q.I.D (Quater in die) - Take four times a day
Quid pro quo - Something for something
Quod erat demonstrandum - Which was to be demonstrated
Requiescat in pace. - May he/she rest in peace.
Salve(te) - Greetings!
Salve sis - May you be well.
Semper fidelis. - Always faithful.
Semper paratus. - Always be prepared.
Senatus Populusque Romanus - The senate and Roman people
Sine cura - Without a care
Sine qua non - Indispensible part
Status quo - The existing state of affairs
Sub poena (legis) - Under penalty of law
Sub rosa - In secret
Summa cum laude - With the greatest praise
Tabula rasa - Clean slate
Tempus fugit. - Time flies.
Terra firma - Solid ground
Terra incognita - Unknown land
Timeo Danaos et dona ferentis - I fear the greeks even bearing gifts.
T.I.D (Ter in die) - Take thrice a day
Ubi sunt? - Where are they (the good old days)?
Vale(te) - Farewell!
Vade mecum - Something you take with you everywhere
Veni, vidi, vici. - I came, I saw, I conquered.
Verbatim et litteratim - Word for word and letter for letter
Veritas vos liberabit - The truth will set you free
Vice versa - In reverse order
Videre est credere - Seeing is believing
Hello! - Salve!
How are you? - Quid agis?
I am here - Adsum.
He/she is away - Abest.
Farewell! - Vale!
Miraculous to tell! - Mirabile dictu!
Miserable to tell! - Miserabile dictu!
Not at all! - Minime!
Thank you. - Tibi gratias ago.
What did you say? - Quid dixisti?
What's up? - Quid Novi?
What is your name? - Quid tibi nomen est?
Without a doubt! - Sine dubito!
Yo! - Io!
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