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Do you want to make your own articles like these for The Latin Site? If so, get The Latin Site Article Generator. It's a small download and easy to use! For more information, click here.
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Article Generator

If you've ever wished you could be a part of The Latin Site, wish no more! Now thanks to a little bit of elbow grease, The Latin Site Article Generator is here! With the programs you can write your own articles that will fit in the template of version 2.0, and you can send them to me so that I can review them for inclusion into The Latin Site. To get your own little piece of Latin celebrity status, download the article generator from the link below and open up the downloaded program to use it (That's right, no installation program to deal with!) Sorry Mac users, the program only works with Windows machines.

N.B. The files you create will be placed in the same directory as the program and will be named ga-your title here.html . If you want me to include your article on the site, e-mail the html file to me.

The Latin Site Article Generator - for version 2.0 template   Download (222kb zip file)
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