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Salvete Omnes! Welcome to the much anticipated version 2.0! The layout of the site isn't the only thing that has changed! You will now also find more content and more ways to view The Latin Site! You too can even create articles for The Latin Site now! Right now everything should be working and should fit into the template. However, The Latin Site you have grown to love is still online and available through the Classic Version and the mirror. I hope you enjoy the redesigned site as much as I have enjoyed working on it! As always feel free to email me with submissions for the Guest Article or Downloads sections, comments, or questions about the site or anything related to Latin. Valete!

P.S. Right now the Guest Articles and Downloads sections are looking pretty slim. If you have any images, wallpaper, tutorials, anecdotes, personal narratives, essays, comic strips, videos, animations, or sound clips that you have created that are both Latin-related and suitable for all ages, nothing would make me happier than to include them into the site and help to elevate you into "Latin celebrity" status.

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