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how to relax, meditate, connect with angels
The mission of our site is to help us how to heal the stresses of life by connecting with the spirits of nature, past life experiences and other entities such as angels and deceased loved ones through meditation and the use of comfort items (tea and chocolate). If you have stress in your life, please feel free to share with us your natural and spiritual solutions to certain issues (eg. pain, grief loss, etc.)

Hi, I would like to introduce ourselves as Deb and Dottie. Deb was chatting with me(Dot)about daily stresses and how to relax and solve problems with simple pleasures such as tea and chocolate. (Deb took a survey in a supermarket and this is what the results were). We then expanded into other ideas including angel communication,oracle cards ,meditations, and relaxing music. We have found great improvements in our emotional,physical and spiritual lives! We would like to share with others these wonderful discoveries and ask for any other similar suggestions from other "kindred spirits"who are interested in adding relaxation and joy to their lives.

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