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Hi, thanks for dropping in. this page is more about me, my family & my intrest.
   This page is to tell you alittle about me and my family.  My name is Tammy and I live in Louisiana. I'm a working mother, I work as a Sgt. at a prison in louisiana. I also raise boxers and toy poodles.
   I have a good husband (no, I didn't say perfect) :)
Billy is a hard working man and takes very good care of his family and I love him and I'm thankful that I have him in my life. I really don't know what I would have done without him when I was so sick. He is my best friend, my rock, and I get comfort knowing he is there for me.
   ofcourse I can't go on without telling you about the three lights of my life: my sons. My oldest is
Jerod he is 20  and  graduated high school in 2003, he has a job Off shore and now lives own his own.  He is a really great kid, he has a heart of gold and loves to joke around, he is also my stuborn one. :)  He is very handsome (I think he looks like my daddy) I'm very proud of him. He is engaged to a wonderful girl named Crista Lisenby.
  My middle son is
Garth. he is my sweet, sensitive child. He is very smart. He is 13 and in the seventh  grade. We adopted him from birth and brought in home from the hospital when he was just three days old. he loves all sports and hates bad weather.he's very laid-back and easy goin, he is Our little "Dooder".
   My baby of the family is
Luke. he is 5 years old .He too was adopted at birth. He is a great little guy, he has captured all our hearts.He has mild autism and goes to a reg Pre-K class with an Aid, I feel very blessed. I have all of them a web page up so you can see more of my great family,  you can click on their name to go to their page.
   My favorite thing to do when I'm not on the computer is read. I love to read almost anything.I love to buy and sell on E-bay (it is more of a hobby)  Go fishing with my hubby, watch a good movie, fool with all my house plants, I have a apple-head siamease cat that I dearly love her name is Shady Baby.We also raise and breed boxers,  My Kennel name is Bluerose Boxers.
   I also want to tell you about the rest of my family. I have 3 step-sons Hank, Jody, & Kendall. Hank has a little girl name Erica 10, and a   boy 5, name Nicholas, and a baby 1 year, name Kayla.  his wife is Paula. Jody has a little boy name Dylan 6' and a baby daughter Harley Grace 1 yr, his wife 's name is Katie. 
My mother's name is Joann Albritton, I'm very close to her. She has always been there for me. My step-dad's name is Johnny, he is a very nice man and we all love him. My real dad died when I was only 10 from a brain anurisum. his name is Olen Murry, he was only 35 when he died. We have really missed him. My only sister is Dewanna Young. she is married to Davis Young and has 3 children: Deann27, Davie 23, and Daylin 15.She also has a new grandbaby named Thaniel. My only brother is James O. Murry. He has two sons: Kolby 14, and Trace 7. I also have a step-sister name Mellissa Kelly she lives in Mississippi and is married to Mike Kelly and has 2 kids: Jessica 9 and Justin 7. Iam really close to my family. we see and talk to eachother all the time.
   I have a bunch of really good friends, too many to try to name I'm afraid I might leave someone out :) but you know who you are! well, thanks for viewing my page and please fell free to brouse around and check out my other family pages and check out the memorial page I made for a friends daughter cindy.   

Jerod Garth
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