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Welcome weary traveler from the scarad sands. You have reached my tomb I am Talon, Pharaoh Amenhotep's Royal Guardian. I'm also the Royal Falconer. You may have free roam of my tomb. I have many articles and other things relating to Mummies Alive!
The Ja-Kal Shrine
Biography of Talon
My Indiana Jones Page/ soon to be done
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This many people have passed through my tomb, since 7/5/00
I support the Mummies Alive! Webring and SOMA. Do you?

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Disclaimer: Mummies Alive! is owned by  DIC. Talon AKA Ja-Zel is mine. This website means no harm to the wonderful show. Anything on here that isn't mine, I try to give credit for. All images on this page belong to their respective owners. If I miss anything, let me know and I'll fix it. Do not steal my stuff or you will have one angry guardian after you, if you would like to use something just e-mail me.
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