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April 1, 2009
Wow gaiz...after so long it's finally here. THE FINAL CHAPTER OF NEW ROOMMATE!!

February 9, 2009

December 12, 2008
OH MAH GAH!!! CHAPTER SIX IS FINALLY HERE!!! AND IT'S SUPER well...it's sorta long XD. YEAAAHH!! ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWA! wait...wrong anime...

November 3, 2008
Chapter Five of New Roommate has been added!!! YEAH BE EXCITED!!!

October 13, 2008
A new story has been posted! Go check it out!

September 11, 2008
Chapter Four of New Roommate has been posted! Go check it out yo!

August 25, 2008
A new link has been added! Check out the Terms page for you non-anime/non-Japanese people. ~Akito

August 22, 2008
Chapter Three of New Roommate has been posted! Go read it now!!!

August 20, 2008
A new story as been added. Go to stories page for more info!

July 25, 2008
Updated About Us. SSSD profiles are up! And added Chapter one of New Roommate!
P.S. the chatbox...yeah i had no idea what happened to it. If you wanted to add it back, Miroki, go right ahead.

July 24th, 2008
IT'S BEEN A YEAR!!!! I love Aki for installing our new beautiful layout provided by Celestial Star!

There are new stories in the stories section.
& The About Us section is updated. :D
I think out chatbox is gone now though. :( Oh well. lol

July 20, 2008
NEW LAYOUT!!! Check it out! I like it...it's not too girly but it's not too...whatever either XD.

July 12, 2007
A new layout for Suppy Online! Yehey!
A pre-made from 3Paradox! <3

April 30, 2007
New comic up in art section! =D

April 22, 2007
Updated midi. 'Cause I thought it fit. XD I also made it user-controlled, in case it got annoying.

March 30, 2007
UPDATE UPDATE!!!: New story added in by Akito. Click your way into the stories section to read it yo.
About us updated: Zen&Yuuki couple added by Akito. >:D
CBox(the chatterbox above) added a few days back! Please leave a message! :3

February 17, 2007
About Us, Links, and Stories sections are updated! =D

EDIT YO: Re-updated the stories and About Us for some members! =P

February 14, 2007
Still in the process of being complete! All the pages work, but are not complete.
The links section is most complete.

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