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The Naval Intelligence Years

Steve graduated from the US Naval Academy at Annapolis class of 1949. He served on a ship during the Korean War and was a POW. He was assigned to Naval Intelligence, He eventually obtained the rank of Commander. Very little about these years was ever brought out during the series. These are my origional works describing what happened prior to 1959 when he transferred his commission to the Naval Reserves. Some of the characters will be familiar to you from the series and others are of my creation. I hope that your time here will be a pleasant one. Come back regularly as new adventures will be added as I learn how to make webpages more efficiently.

If you like any of my characters feel free to borrow them for your own fiction. But please inform me first as to what my characters will be up to. I would be honored that you consider my characters worthy to participate in your adventures but, like McGarrett, I do not handle surprises very well. So ask nice and I will have them on the next plane with their bags packed.

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The Journey Home 1, 2, 3,4, 5(A reconissance mission goes wrong.) I enjoyed researching this one. Borrowed some old textbooks from one of our MDs. What is common practice today was cutting edge stuff back in 1958.)

One Of Our Own?1,2,3, 4, 5,6,7,8 (Information about America's first 'communications' sattelite has gone over to the other side. Can Steve deal with the aftereffects of The Journey Home AND discover who is selling secrets.)ANNOUNCEMENT: parts 1-4 are now online. I am holding a contest to see if anyone can guess who is selling secrets. Please send you guesses to e-mail the author link below by July 4th. If there is a winner, Cdr Steve McGarrett USN will announce that person's name in the story. Mahalo.UPDATE: 10/28/02. The story is finished! Sorry to say, that Cdr McGarrett had no names to announce. Please enjoy.

Up North/The Escape Steve and three other intelligence officers are held in a North Korean prison camp. Will they all get out alive? (This adventure will be a two part episode. Up North will detail the mission which got him captured and the time up to his arrival in the camp. The Escape is just what the title says. Currently in rough draft. Please check back....promises to be exciting.)

Prelude To War( June of 1950: Tension on the Korean Peninsula is mounting. Ensign McGarrett's ship is sent to rescue a squad of Marines from North of the 38th parallel. Has war been declared 'unofficially' and by which government.) Currently in rewrite stage

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