Hi there and welcome to my you will find some of my favourite pictures that I have found while surfing the net. I really enjoy looking up at the sky at night and wondering just what is just beyond my sight. I have decided not to place explanations of what the pictures are actually of and where they are as i feel that it takes away some of the mystery of the universe, If you really want explanations and "names" you should realy go to an astronomy site .....i prefer to look at the pictures and think "wow that is out there somewhere"

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Space picture Galleries


I also enjoy looking at pictures of ufos (jeesh so shoot me !! ;=) ) I have included some of my favourites here......There realy are not many as most pictures i come across look so obviosly faked that I would find it embaressing putting them here, if you find any you think i may like please send them to me


Downloads......including an amazing little program called galaxies





coments, sugestions or a picture you think i will like please let me know



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