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                                       Back on Time

I love reading about 20 th century `s Fashions.I can feel myself in them sometimes I like old things and I think their fashions was the best without the creators and all that "weird" clothes we call we wouldn`t get to this fashion of today.It`s sad that we can just see pics and red about these things and we cannot be there!But who know`s maybe in other life we were.In the first pic we see 2 women which fashion is named "Chloe`s Fashion".The pic was took in 1960.On my site you`ll can read about old generations/fashions and you might learn something new :)


In the year of 1900 when just the new Century Appeard the Fashion was just like before.Women wearing long dresses and men wearing long coats on black/grey color.I really love the dresses of the women and I think that clothes was the Best Ever!I really wish I could have one.What`s up?Why new fashion didn`t appear when the 20th century came?
Well I think the fashion came but we aren`t realising that because the fashion of the 19`s century it`s almost like the one of the 20`century.It`s more that the dresses from 19`century were more bouffant and more queenie so people in the 20`s century tried to escape from that.It would be easier to wear it and won`t feel like a queen but the rich people still used that kind of dress from 19`s century.The people from  France always loved to wear that kind of bouffant dress and men used to wear some kind of clothes like a soldier or like the soldiers of the queen of England.
This photo shows the dress women weared in 19`s century.

The second photo show the fashion of the women in 20`s century.

Many people would ask how they created every 10 years very different clothes.Well it`s simple!Just like us they kept drawing clothes,
cuting a dress or a costume each n` there ask people for ideas and so they did it!After the revolutions and all the
problems that made our countries to suffer people got crazy and start creating and making lot of "crazy" or cool stuffs.
In these days they sometimes create horrible outfits that can`t be weared even by a dog!It`s a shame that in these
days they don`t create more magazines about how to dress and how to find your perfect outfit!
In the 20`s century was an infinity of magazines about it.They all were succesful sold and had tons of fans and readers.

Like an example:In the 19`s century in France was a very popular magazine named La Nouvelle Mode.
I see it like a very beautiful magazine with full of great wearings and beautiful women models :).In these days we
won`t find them anymore.

Another great magazine was The Delineator.The magazine came on the market in 1900.

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