So, if you've made it here, you're probably a friend, not a foe, so I won't worry to much. :) This is my sort of crossroads- because I know I should be listing off all the pecular odd little qualities about me, in true homepage fashion- but I've decided to cheat and be lazy. These are a few of the places I've created, or helped to create in partnership with my twin, Binny (or Belinda). Pra'ps you'll get more out of them then this dry opening speech- if you've come here, I'm holding this sneaky little suspicsion you basicly know what I'm like already. Maybe, when you wish apon a star, my dream will come true and you'll become as insanely obsessed with them as I am *crafty chuckle*, appreciate their true sentimental value, et-cet-er-a, et-cet-er-a, et-cet-er-a!
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