My Adopted Pets!!!
Please don't steal our Kitties or other pets! If you want one for your self then please come here to possibly the cutest best adoption facility I have ever seen Ghost of Dawn
Or go see what we have up for adoption, or come here Cute a very cute adoption center called  Sapphire Wings
This is Kitty was made for me by one of Ghosts very talented artists!
Shadow Kitty
>Living Room
Rath kitty, I found him in an ally behind Universal Studios Florida
Pick a Room
Rath kitty
>Family Room
Kayo kitty
Get a certificate for your Adopted pet from this site! Make a request for a kitty, see what kitties are available to adopt here Applications
>Game Room
Kayo kitty the sweet lil' elf kitty makes a good companion to just about ne kitties but mainly Legolas kitties or Cloud kitties
Get a look at kitties to come or kitties that have been requested get a look at them HERE before they are edited and colored.
Welcome all!!! To the Kitty Care Center a place to Adopt, Take in,drop off,  and hang out!!! we hope to See many people here one day...we hope that people can and will enjoy our kitties... You can exspect to see out of the ordinary kitties Like Dragon Knights kitties, and Fanticy book kitties, also Vidio Game kitties,and many others from various Anime and Manga series. Please enjoy this site and respect the rules that we have astablished here.
Extras- Fan fics., kitty and non kitty art, the shrines, links .........

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Kitty Previews and waiting list- get a look at kitties to come and a list of kitties in the making!!!
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